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Discover Africa the World's second largest and second most populous continent. A continent of charm and wonders there are about 54 countries in Africa . Each country has there own cultures, traditions and languages from the north to south and the east to west. Africa is truly a continent that needs to be explored.

No matter what you're looking for, From the Victoria Falls, the white sandy beaches in South Africa , the Pyramids in Egypt , Safari's in Kenya , a jungle trek in the Congo , or a trip to the Heart of Africa Nigeria, there is something for everyone in Africa , the birth place of man kind. is made for you.

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ALGERIA in 4 locations
ANGOLA in 4 locations
BENIN REPUBLIC in 2 locations
BOTSWANA in 5 locations
BURKINA FASO in 2 locations
BURUNDI in 2 locations
CAMEROON in 5 locations
CAPE VERDE in 3 locations
CHAD in 1 locations
EGYPT in 4 locations
GABON in 2 locations
GAMBIA in 5 locations
GHANA in 4 locations
KENYA in 6 locations
LESOTHO in 2 locations
LIBYA in 4 locations
MADAGASCAR in 4 locations
MALAWI in 2 locations
MAURITANIA in 4 locations
MAURITIUS in 6 locations
MOROCCO in 8 locations
MOZAMBIQUE in 5 locations
NAMIBIA in 4 locations
NIGER REPUBLIC in 1 locations
NIGERIA in 22 locations
REPUBLIC OF CONGO in 2 locations
REUNION in 3 locations
RWANDA in 2 locations
SENEGAL in 4 locations
SEYCHELLES in 2 locations
SOUTH AFRICA in 11 locations
SOUTH SUDAN in 1 locations
SUDAN in 4 locations
SWAZILAND in 3 locations
TANZANIA in 3 locations
TOGO in 2 locations
TUNISIA in 6 locations
UGANDA in 5 locations
ZAMBIA in 4 locations
ZIMBABWE in 5 locations


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