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Aichi Ken in Japan- Enjoy the Old World Charm

Aichi Ken is a prefecture of Japan situated at the Chubu region. Its capital is Nagoya. One of the most populated areas of Japan; Aichi Ken has many industries including the world famous automobile makers of Toyota at Toyota city. There are many famous attractions in and around Aichi Ken area.

Accommodation Options
Aichi Ken has many clean and cheap hotels, B&B, Guesthouse, back packers youth hostels, apartments and discount hotels to cater to your needs. There are many hostels near the city airports, which are convenient options for easy check- in. Though most of them are small, they ensure a comfortable stay. Clean bed, lockers, storage, internet facility are offered in most of them.

The region was made up of three provinces of Owari, Mikawa and Ho. In 1871, after the han system came to an end, Owari, with the exception of the Chita Peninsula, was institutionalized as Nagoya Prefecture, which in 1872 was renamed as Aichi Prefecture and was merged with Nukata Prefecture 

Popular Places
Inuyuma castle built in 1537, which is considered the oldest castle In Japan is the most important attraction in this region. Perched on a hillock by the side of Kiso River, this castle retains its original style as it has never been destroyed. This erstwhile seat of the Naruse lords is one of only four castles which are designated national treasures.  Another must see in Aichi Ken is the famous tea ceremony house built in 1618n Inuyama. There is also a Japanese garden attached to this tea house constructed by a disciple of the well known master of the tea ceremony, of Sen-no-rikyu.

Getting Around
Most of the cities of this region are well connected with public transport buses, ferry services and subways. Car rentals, bicycles and hitching are also popular and cost effective methods to explore Japanese cities.

Places of Entertainment
Aichi Ken has many night clubs, sumo wrestling clubs and Kabuki options that ensure diverse entertainment options. Take an exciting sojourn through arts and culture in Aichi Ken as there are many theatres, clubs and live entertainment options on offer. The gourmets could not have asked for more as there is an array of dining options from Italian, Mexican and American.
Yen (JPY) is the currency of Japan and is offered in bills of 1000s and it is one of the most and highest valued currency of the world. The daily exchange rates can be accessed from financial news papers or internet.

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