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Argentina- The Land of Tango and Football

The second largest country in South America has a captivating cosmopolitan façade in its high rise buildings, stylish avenues and vibrant populace. Argentina is home to some of the highest peaks of Andes, lush green wetlands and expansive wilderness and glacial lakes, which give it a stunningly diverse topography and flavour.

Argentina was inhabited by native tribes before the arrival of the Spanish in 1580 when they founded Buenos Aires. In 1776 Buenos Aires became the new capital of viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata. Before long the locals revolted against the trade restrictions which resulted in the declaration of independence in 1816.

Popular places
Argentina being a huge country has a million interesting places and attractions. The capital, Buenos Aires, is one of the most popular and the largest city of Argentina, famous for football, tango and bustling streets. The second largest city, Córdoba is home to as many as 7 universities, which make it very lively and vibrant thanks to its young student population. The beach bums would find the beaches near Mar del Plata a perfect stop over. Glaciers National Park, in the Province of Santa Cruz is a UNESCO listed Natural Heritage, which is a spectacular landscape with immense ecological importance.

Getting around:
The city guide of Argentina lists out some of the popular modes of travel to go around the city. As it is a large country, air travel is the best mode of travel. Taxis, metro and buses are also available.

Places of Entertainment
Argentina has a lively night life and exciting shopping and gourmet options. There are bars, bistros and restaurants that serve the many signature dishes like steaks. There are many tango night clubs where the traditional music and dance form of tango is performed and discos with popular DJs, which remain open all through the night. There are theatres and trendy boutiques where you could shop for premium quality apparels and leather goods.

Accommodation Options:
Some of the accommodation options in Argentina include low cost options including youth hostel, budget hotels, bed and breakfast, guesthouse, etc apart from star hotels and resorts.

The currency of Argentina is Peso, each of which is divided into 100 cents. Coins are available in various denominations including 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents and 1 peso coins. Exchange rates can be sourced online or from financial news bulletins

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