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Bahamas – The Tropical Paradise of the Earth

Numerous unforgettable tourist attractions of The Bahamas make it a tropical paradise on earth. Its sub tropical climate, scenic beauty and rich history and culture enchant tourists from all over.

History of Bahamas:
The first European to discover The Bahamas was Columbus. Lucayan Indians were the original inhabitants of these islands that were colonized by the Britain formally in 1717. Self government was granted to The Bahamas in 1964 and the islands subsequently gained freedom in 1973.

Popular Places and Attractions:
The islands of Bahamas have a lot to offer to the tourists. Take for instance the old-fashioned and charming settlement of Hope Town. Located on the on Elbow Cay, Hope Town is the right place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Fine dining, great sailing, pristine beaches, grand fishing locations and exotic landscape make Hope Town a popular attraction in Bahamas. Ardastra Gardens Zoo and Conservation Center is another tourist attraction in Bahamas. Home to many beautiful animals, this park is definitely not worth a miss.

One can have a gala time at the exotic beaches of The Bahamas that make an ideal picture postcard setting. One of the famous beaches in the islands is the Cable Beach. An interactive pirate museum, Pirates of Nassau is another interesting place in Bahamas that takes one to the 18th century. Queen’s Staircase, Thunderball Grotto, Water Tower, Inagua National Park, Lucayan National Park, Straw Market, Andros, Abacos, etc are other tourist attractions worth a visit. Nassau, Marsh Harbor and Nassau are the three major Bahamian cities.    

Getting Around in Bahamas:
When it comes to public transportation, there are many options available in Bahamas. Buses called jitneys connect most corners of the islands. Other modes of transportation are taxis and rental cars, a guide to smooth travel is to have some small change handy to pay for your journey. 

Places of Entertainment:
Gambling is legal in The Bahamas and hence if you want to make a few thousand dollars in one night, you will find a plenty of places to do so. You will find large casinos in New Providence and Grand Bahama. Other than casinos, bars and clubs of all description, color and flavor make Bahamian nightlife vibrant and entertaining. Club Waterloo, Charlie’s, Atlantis Casino, Dragons, The Drop Off, Pure Nightlife etc are some of the hottest night spots in the Bahamas. For an upscale shopping experience, Bay Street has a lot to offer.

Accommodation Options:
Bahamas offers a lot of accommodation options for Travellers from luxury hotels, guesthouse, bed & breakfast, motels budget hotels and youth hostels to camp sites and holiday villas

Currency and Language:
While English is the official language of the island, Creole is also spoken by a lot of people in Bahamas. Bahamian Dollar is the currency of The Bahamas, check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates.

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