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Bangladesh – The Land with Richness in Culture

Bangladesh has rightly been described as a new state in an ancient land. There are lots of evidences which indicate that Bangladesh was known to the west since its earliest times, especially for its muslin. Muslin is the finest fabric ever produced by any nation in this world. Travellers and charmers are always attracted by the charms and glory of Bangladesh since long back.

Accommodation Options
Bangladesh has a wide variety of accommodation options that ranges from budget hotels, motels, lodges and guest houses. One of the most popular forms of accommodation is youth hostels due to the high-quality service at affordable price. No matter what accommodation you choose, you are sure to find friendly faces and helpful staff.

Bangladesh became one among the many large nation states in the year 1971, when it was seceded from Pakistan. Before the division of India and Pakistan i.e. when Pakistan was formed in 1947, modern day Bangladesh was a part of ancient and classical India.  After independence, the government has experienced periods of democratic and military rule. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is considered as the father of the country and he was the first prime minister of Bangladesh.

Popular Places
Bangladesh is divided in to further different states. The names of these states are as follows:

1. Rajshahi
2. Dhaka
3. Khulna
4. Chittagong

Bangladesh’s landscape appears like a magically tapestry in green woven intricately by Mother Nature. So there are lots of places popularized by its greenery. In fact, Bangladesh is the largest delta formed by a river.

Some of the popular places of visiting in Bangladesh are as follows:

• Sundarbans: In the south of Bangladesh, spread over 6000 sq km is a delta swamp along the coastal belt of Khulna. It is the biggest mangrove forest. Sundarban is the home of royal Bengal tigers. One can find tides flowing in multiple directions at a time and also it is easy to find tigers swimming across the rivers. Crocodiles basking in the sun are a very common site there. Bangladesh has variety of wild animals thriving in Sundarban.

• Kaptai: Kaptai comes under Ragamati district and is famous for its hydro electric projects. Kaptai Lake which is a manmade lake in between the hills adds to the beauty.

• Kaukata: Kaukata is a place of rare scenic beauty on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. It exactly lies in the district of Patuakhali. It has a wide sandy beach where one can enjoy both sunrise as well as sunset. Kaukata is also known as “sagar kannya” which stands for daughter of the sea.

Getting Around
Once you get to Bangladesh, you have many options to move around. Flights are the most convenient way to travel in Bangladesh but only to selected destinations. Trains are not that convenient as you may have to change trains due to existence of broad and meter gauges. Roads are generally not in a good shape and always crowded especially in cities like Dhaka.

Before using cabs, you would have to negotiate over the rates. Good air conditioned buses are available but for certain places only. For other places, buses are always overcrowded. Guides can help you in overcoming the hustle and bustle of travelling.

The name of Bangladesh currency is Taka. Notes vary from 1 taka to 500 taka. Coins vary from 1 poisha to 5 taka. Bangladesh currency is variably valued with other country’s currency rate which can be obtained from any financial news sources.

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