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Benin Republic in West Africa

Republic of Benin is a country in the West Africa. It shares its borders with Togo in the west, Nigeria in the east and Burkina Faso and Niger in the north. In the south, there is Atlantic Ocean. Porto-Novo is the capital city while Fon city of Cotonou is the seat of the government. There are abundant tourist attractions in Benin for tourists to explore.

Various types of accommodation options are available in Benin. Budget travelers prefer youth hostels, bread and breakfast hotels and guest house facilities. These facilities have added kitchen facilities. Porto Novu has many budget hotels and premium hotels.

The Republic of Benin was part of the great African medieval kingdom, Dahomey. The French built the port at Cotonou and railroads across the country. In 1946, Dahomey became an overseas colony of the French having its representation in the French Assembly. The Dahomey was famous for teaching young boys and girls’ military skills.

Major Mathieu Kérékou became the headed the country following a succession of military coups. Kérékou under pressure from France was forced to conduct democratic elections in 1990. The country elected a new Prime Minister Nicéphore Soglo in these elections.

Tourist Attractions
The main tourist attractions of Benin Republic are its national parks and culture. The palaces of Abomey are the main tourist attraction of Benin. This site was added to the World Heritage Site List in 1982. The capital city of Porto Novo is famous for its museums and architecture. The Ethnographic museum and the National Library are the main attraction of Porto Novo.

North Benin is famous for its wildlife parks. Pendjari National Park and W National Parks are two better known parks in Benin. These parks have a wealth of wildlife. These National Parks are easily accessible and accommodation facilities are also available.

Getting Around
The transport network in Benin is not much developed. Travelling by rail and road is the preferred option. Railway connects major cities of Benin. Tourists can hire guides to show them around and vehicles to travel through the country. Benin also has small section of navigable waterways. These link two port cities of Cotonou and Porto Novu.

French is the official language of Benin. Nearly 50% people speak Fon. Yoruba, Mina, Bariba and Dendi are the other local languages. Local languages are taught in the elementary schools. The teaching of French started many years later.

CFA Franc is the currency of Benin Republic. CFA Franc is the currency used in the French community of Africa. Coins of denomination 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 250 CFA are circulated. Value of 10 CFA is equivalent to 1 French Franc.

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