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Bermuda- Experience the Timeless Charm of the Sun and Sand

Bermuda is the oldest and the most densely populated British overseas territory in the world. Situated along the North Atlantic Ocean and off the east coast of the United States, it is an exciting cosmopolitan city influenced by various cultures and religions. Its capital city is Hamilton. One of the most famous beach side resorts, Bermuda is famous for at least a million reasons apart from spectacular beaches and a vibrant tropical milieu.  From golf courses and adventure sporting options it is a perfect turf for a relaxing holiday with the right mix of fun and adventure.

Though Bermuda was discovered by a Spanish explorer, Juan de Bermúdez way back in 1503, it remained uninhabited for many more years before the English made it their colony. This country is the oldest British overseas territory, that was founded a century before Great Britain was created by the Acts of Union. The original capital of Bermuda, St. George, which was settled in 1612 remains the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the Americas.

Popular Places
There are many interesting sights in Bermuda including the maritime museum and the Scaur Hill Fort, which houses the guns of disappearing carriages and ensures the panoramic views of the Great Sound and Ely's Harbor. The Somerset Bridge is another land mark of Bermuda. Located in the city of Somerset, this bridge was originally built in 1620 and allows clearance for the mast of small sailing vessels. There are many spectacular beaches that are shallow and safe for swimming and other beach activities in Bermuda including Shelly Bay Park, Elbow beach and many, many more.

Golf is one of the most popular attractions in Bermuda, which draws scores of avid players from around the world. There are many world class golf courses in Bermuda including Belmont Golf Club, Port Royal and Tuckers point clubs among others. 

Getting Around
Public buses are the most common travel option in Bermuda. Taxis, Ferries, Minibus and scooters are also handy modes of transportation. In Bermuda vehicle rentals and driving local vehicles are strictly prohibited, the best guide is to have some change handy to pay for your travel it makes things a lot easier.
Places of Entertainment   
There are bars, pubs and night clubs to enliven your evening hours. Check out the little port of St. George and St. David's Island, touted as the pubber's haven. The oldest pub in St. George, White Horse Tavern is a must visit spot to sample some of the best drinks and grubs and also to mingle with the easy go lucky locals. Hamilton also have a good selection of pubs with game rooms, live dance and music and entertainment options that would keep you on your toes late into the night.

Accommodation Options
Budget hotels, youth hostels, camping, bed & breakfast, motels, guesthouse, inns, beach resort and more- the accommodation options in Bermuda are excitingly different. Pick any of these that match with your budget.

Currency in Bermuda is Bermudian dollar (BMD) and the lower denomination is the cents. The Bermuda dollar is pegged to the US dollar on a 1-to-1 basis and both the currencies are accepted in Bermuda, for the latest exchange rate check the news and internet.

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