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Country Bolivia: Beauty and Diversity Hand in Glove

A beautiful and geographically diverse country Bolivia is a multiethnic country in the heart of South America. It shares it borders with five countries, namely Brazil (north-east), Peru (north-west), Chile (south-west), and Paraguay and Argentina (south). Bolivia, along with Paraguay, forms only two land-locked countries of the Americas, navigable only through Paraguay River, stretching to distant Atlantic. It is one of the most remote countries of the Americas, as also of the world.

The country is named after independence fighter Simon Bolivar. It was under French rule till 1825, when it got independence. Its subsequent history consists mainly of coups and counter-coups. Poverty, social unrest, and drug production have provided problems in a civilian democratic rule established in 1980s.

Important Cities
•    La Paz: Established in 1548, it is in Andes, and is administrative capital of Bolivia.
•    Sucre: located in South-central part of the country, it was founded on September 29, 1539, and is constitutional capital of Bolivia, also listed among the World Heritage Sites.
•    Santa Cruz: It is second largest city according to population, the most prosperous city of the world economically, and is also capital of department Santa Cruz.
•    Patosi: It is famous for its silver mines, and therefore, one of the wealthiest cities of Bolivia.
•    Oruro: It is famous for its carnival.

Popular Places and Monuments
The Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos, formed by Jesuits in 18th and 19th century, are UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, in department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The missions consist of six towns, which are living heritage site examples.

Salar de Uyuni is a photographer’s delight, being world’s largest salt flat, offering divine beauty.   

Tiwanaku is an archaeological site, and UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, and is located in La Paz department.

Getting Around
Public transport includes bus, train, and plains. Bus are often marred by the so-common strikes, hence it is better to check internet for the road blockades, and such stuff. A local guide may help you better. In Bolivia, often, flying by plane is quicker, and pretty economic. You can travel within country through airplane. Trains often are more important when road routes are very tough, as there are some of such routes in Bolivia.

Taxis are also available, though again, you need to check about the road blockades and strikes. Shared taxis are also available, though unsafe. It is better to make sure of the companion before hiring a shared taxi.

Places of Entertainment
There are a lot of national parks in Bolivia, namely, Amboró & Carrasco National Parks, Madidi National Park, Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, and Sajama National Park. Chacaltaya & Huayna Potosi provide country’s best and most popular mountain climb, and also, is World’s highest ski-resort.

From budget hotels, to luxury hotels, guesthouse, youth hostels, with full dining, and also with bed and breakfast facilities, are available throughout the country.

Boliviano is the national currency, however, US dollar are used by travelers. For the latest exchange rates check the news and internet.

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