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Bosnia and Herzegovina – Trip To Untouched Nature

Rebuilding from being a war-torn country, Bosnia and Herzegovina in south-central Europe, is swiftly progressing to be one of the popular tourist destinations. Its varied landscape encompassing beautiful mountains, sprawling rivers and vast forest areas make an unforgettable trip.

In its vast history from the Neolithic age, Bosnia and Herzegovina was plagued by numerous invasions, wars, struggles. Medieval age was dominated by the struggles between the Šubić and Kotromanić families. It was mostly under the rule of Yugoslavia and suffered huge damage during the World Wars. The later part of 1990 witnessed gruesome attacks on Bosnians from Serbs and Croatians following the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Yugoslavia.

Popular Places:
Sarajevo, the capital and the largest city, is also referred as ‘the Jerusalem of Europe’ by virtue of its rich history in religious diversity. Gazi Husrev-bey's mosque from the 16th century is one the significant Islamic monuments in the country. Among the many historical mosques, Alipasina Mosque is an architectural excellence. This 16th century Turkish style mosque was restored recently and draws many visitors. The main street, Bascarsija, is a lively place with many shops, restaurants and many old buildings depict the ancient Bosnian architecture. The war-hit tunnel and its museum are a must visit to get an insight into the struggle and the spirit of Bosnians. At the end of Bascarsija, there is Vjecna Vatra where an eternal flame is dedicated to the victims of World War II. Many bridges along the river Miljacka offer a beautiful sight of river.

Stari Most, the old bridge in Mostar is one of the biggest attractions. It was built in the late 16th century and was restored in 2004 subsequent to its destruction in the Bosnian war. Kriva Cuprija, crooked bridge is another restored historical bridge. Many amazing mosques with rich history including the 300 year old Kajtaz and the beautiful Neretva River are other major draws. The fast Vrbas river in Banja Luka is an astonishing site and the medieval castle on its banks is the major attraction. Banski dvori, the palace, astonishes visitors with its grandeur. Statue of Virgin Mary on Apparition hill in Medjugorje draws many visitors and the vine yards below are simply amazing. Hutuvo Blato in the southern Herzegovina is one of the popular bird reserves in Europe.

Getting Around:
Bosnia and Herzegovina is well connected by bus and rail from many European countries. Getting around is aided by buses and trams, the best guide to smooth travel around Bosnia and Herzegovina is to have some small notes handy for your travel expenses. Car drive on the country side can be memorable.

Places of Entertainment:
Bosnia and Herzegovina is popular for skiing and visitors can have an adventurous holiday with hiking, walking in Herzegovina. Many shops in Bascarsija offer numerous Turkish crafts and many silver, copper and brass items. Visitors must try the native Rakjia, drink from plums, which is available everywhere in autumn. There are many cafes, bakeries and restaurants for a lively evening.

Private houses are the popular accommodation option, while bed & breakfast, guesthouse, budget hotels, motels, youth hostels, inns, luxury hotels are also available. Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian are the languages spoken here.

Convertible Mark is the currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina while Euro is widely accepted and can also be changed at about 1:2 ratio, for the latest exchange rates check the news and internet.

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