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Busan – South Korea’s Paradise

Famous as the largest port of South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, Busan has a number of cultural and heritage sites to offer to its tourists.\It is also the second largest metropolis in South Korea, after the city of Seoul.

Accommodation Options
Busan, being the second largest metropolis of South Korea, receives thousands of tourists every year. For accommodation requirements, tourists can choose from some of the very well developed luxury hotels, budget hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels, bed and breakfast lodgings, etc. Boasting of western and Korean décor, the rooms of some of the most well known hotels of Busan are equipped with facilities like telephone, radio, air conditioning, hot and cold water, etc.

History of Busan
Busan was designated as a trading port with the Japanese by the Korean government from the start of the fifteenth century. The city of Busan emerged as the first international port in Korea in 1876. It remained under the control of South Korea throughout the Korean War and served as refugee camp site for hundreds of people during the turbulent times.

Popular Places and Attractions
While Busan is rich with lots of museums, ecological sites, cultural villages, castles, parks, marketplaces, etc, there are certain sites that are definitely not worth a miss. Take for instance Taejongdae, a beautiful park of Busan that boasts of all modern facilities such as sightseeing boats, souvenirs and snacks shops, seaside water pool, etc. Named after King Taejong Muyul of the Silla dynasty, Taejongde also features an ocean cliff and is quite popular among the kids.

If you are an art lover, the Busan Museum of Modern Art is just the right place to be. Besides Exhibition Halls, this 3 storey museum features an outdoor sculpture park, curatorial office, administrative office and others. Other popular tourist attractions in Busan are Yonggungsa Temple, Dongbaek Island, Eulsukdo Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Haeundae Beach, Jagalchi Market, etc.

Getting Around South Korea
Busan is connected with major cities of South Korea through rail as well as road. One can have the best view of the real Busan by express bus. Look for a travel guide for travel tips and advice.

Places of Entertainment
For people who simply love shopping, Jagalchi Market is the right place. Haeundae, Gwangbok-dong and Seomyeon are large shopping areas of this market. Bujeon Market, another popular place for shopping, is the largest traditional market in the city. Dongnae Oncheon, a natural spa area attracts visitors from all over for its restaurants, hotels, baths, shopping areas, etc.

Won is South Korea’s currency that comes in notes and coins both. Tourists can consult the latest news for exchange rates information and can visit one of the many exchange centres spread all over the city.

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