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Cambodia - Sacred and Mystical

Located at the heart of south-east Asia Cambodia is a beautiful and angelic country. The country of Cambodia has a secret and glorious past; it’s a cultural heritage site. Also known as the temple city it’s a house to the one of the ancient temples which dots the city. The country of Cambodia is an excellent place to witness the nature’s beauty; the place looks divine during the rains. The splendid water festival celebrated at the end of the year is astounding.

Accommodation Options and Languages Spoken
Cambodia has excellent accommodations despite being a smaller place. It has some of the best budget hotels and houses some luxurious hotels too. You can avail the guesthouses being a cheaper option. For this, no advance reservation arrangement is needed. You can see the room yourself and then choose to stay.

If you looking for a better hotels, you need to make an advance reservation as getting a good and safe place could be difficult. Hotels around Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are most viable and safe. Booking a room around these places could be of advantage as most of the tourist attractions are located in these cities. If you are willing to have an extremely luxurious stay, there are some of the best international hotels in Cambodia.

Khmer is the official language beside English, French and Thai are well understood over here.

Cambodia previously known as Kampuchea was once a powerful and rich Hindu and Khmer empire. Cambodia has seen many dark years and had to fight many destructive wars with neighbouring kingdoms. The Thai and Vietnamese kingdoms have fought over it. The struggle of Cambodia continued for several years. It was a protectorate of France and later Japan captured most of the South East Asia during the Second World War along with Cambodia. For few years, it continued to be a French colony after the war and later gained independence in the year 1953.

Popular Places
Angkor, the best place to visit in Cambodia has some of the ancient temples. It is a must visit place to enjoy the once in a life time experience. The Angkor Wat temple and Bayon temple are worth visiting. The Tonle Sap largest freshwater lake in Asia is a must see. It has a floating village around and dangerous crocodiles. The Angkor archaeological park and Bokor National Park are some of the most visited places here. The city of Kampong Cham has a bamboo bridge and the beautiful Nokor Wat. You can enjoy the beautiful view of waterfall along Banlung.

Getting Around
You can take trains to move across the country. Roads are well developed too, so one can choose this option easily. Besides roads and railways, one may take a boat ride to reach any destination. If you are ready to shell out more, you can hire private vehicles as well which are easily available. There are cycle-rickshaws too for enjoying the ride, but these happen to be time consuming. A guide would be of great assistance moving through the country.

Places of Entertainment
If you are looking for a fantastic evening, head out to Siem Reap that houses some of the best markets and bars. The Russian market in Phnom Penh is a must visit for every shopper. You should visit the resort town of Kep to enjoy great sea food and beautiful beaches. Numerous casinos are one of the best places to enjoy the visit to this place.

The official currency of Cambodia is Riel; the American dollar is also widely used. One can obtain the present exchange rates for Cambodian Riel via news or internet.

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