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Cape Verde – The Volcanic Archipelago
An island country the Republic of Cape Verde is located in the Macaronesia ecoregion of Central Atlantic Ocean. With an area of over 4000 square kilometers and a population of around 500,000 the former Portuguese colony gained independence after 5 centuries of Portuguese domination in 1975. Praia is the capital city of Country Cape Verde. A volcanic archipelago made of ten main and five small islands, Caper Verde is located 460 Kms west of Senegal.

Cape Verde Accommodation
Many comfortable rental villas are available for accommodation but may be a bit expensive. Holiday hotels come in combo package with direct flights from many European airports. Holiday apartments, budget hotels, and guest house is also available in the cities. However the traditional bed and breakfast hotel and youth hostels are rarely found in any of the cities for accommodation.

Geographic Features and Climate
Divided into windward and leeward group of islands, country Cape Verde is located at northern limits of the tropical rain belt. Average temperature ranges from 25 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius during January-August and comes down to around 21 degrees Celsius in winter. 

Unique Attraction
Haunting mornos or mournful songs of Cesaria Evora is one of the major attractions of Cape Verde. Moderate and friendly temperature, stable political and economic system, and high standards of living are some of the unique attractions of the island country. Tiny in area, it contains a profusion of exotic landscapes including the barren flats of Maio to valleys of Santo Antao. Fogo, the single volcanic is features with frozen volcanic streaks all over. Sal and Boa Vista beaches are among major destinations for hikers, windsurfers, and deep-see anglers. Fish and meat delicacies are other attractions.  

Discovered by Portuguese explorers during 15th century, the uninhabited island quickly became slave trade center in Atlantic. People are mixed origin from Portuguese and African slaves. Official language of the island is Portuguese while people also speak African and English.

Getting Around
Usually passport and visa are required for all. Entry visas at airport have seven day validity. Regular entry visa or multiple entry visas can be purchased from the immigration police. For a hassle free travel around the island one can take help of the official guide books.

For traveling from one island to another, 45 seated inter-island plane services and ferries are available but carrying luggage is often delayed. Islands like Brava and Santo Antao can only be accessed by ferry and not planes. However, except Santo Antao and Sao Vicente there are no daily ferry services. While there are extensive road services, except the ones in cities and airport connector roads are asphalt, others are mostly cobbled. While asphalt roads could be dangerous due to smoothness and lack of road bumps, cobblestone roads could be dangerous in rainy season being muddy and slippery. One should be cautious using the hired cars on these roads.

Cape Verde Cities
Major cities in Cape Verde are Praia, the capital that houses more than half of the population, Mindeo, Assomada, Sap Filipe, and Porto Novo. Apart from these cities there are another 19 smaller cities in the archipelago.

Currency in use in Country Cape Verde is CVE or Cape Verdean Escudo. Usual rate is one Euro is equal to 110.20 CVE but one should check the news and Internet for the updated exchange rates.

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