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Country Chad – The Dead Heart of Africa

Officially known as the Republic of Chad, Country Chad is flanked by Libya to the north, Central African Republic to the south, Niger to the west, Cameroon and Nigeria towards the southwest, and Sudan to the east. Desert climate and distance from sea has earned it the nickname of “Dead Heart of Africa”.

Chad Accommodations
A traveler would find three types of major accommodation facilities in Chad. Hotels and hotel chains with booking services, bed and breakfast accommodation, and vacation rentals are primary locations and they include budget hotels as well. While there are a few guest houses, one may not find youth hostels and similar facilities in country Chad.

It is comparatively easier getting budget hotels in Abeche, nestled in Quaddai region. With cobbled streets, old churches, mosques, and markets and the main tourist attraction of de I’lndependance and second largest wetland in Africa, Abeche is a favored destination is trouble prone Chad. It could be better staying at Abeche and visit N’Djamena which is located in close proximity to the city.

Geographical Features and Climate
Three major geographical zones of the country are fertile Sudanese Savanna zone in the south, desert zone in the north and arid Sahelian belt in the centre. Lake Chad is the second largest lake in entire Africa.

People started moving to Chad basin back in the 7th millennium BC. France conquered it in 1920. After 40 years of French dominance the country achieved independence in 1960 and after a long civil war the country found some political stability in 1979 but battles continued as late as the one of N’Djamena in 2008. While traditionally cotton was the major source of income for the country, dependence shifted over to crude oil since 2003.

Getting Around
Travelers to Chad may find it difficult in getting a hassle free travel guide. Situation around the country is extremely fragile. One can hardly stay a couple of days in N’Djamena, the broken down capital. Very few roads have been paved and the country is extremely hot in summer. Only silver lining could be boat rides on Lake Chad or strolling along the shady streets of south with dusty landscape.

Best destinations in the country are Ennedi deserts and wildlife location of Zakouma National Park. Land cruisers, minibuses, and pickups are the choice for transportation inland while buses are rare. Air connection is available to Abeche and Faya while Moundou and Sarh only have planned flights. Outside the capital city there are a host of motorcycle taxis.

Cities of Chad
Capital and largest city of Country Chad is N’Djamena. Other big cities are Moundou, Sarh, Abeche, Kelo, Koumra, Pala, Am Timan, Bongor, and Mongo.

Religion and Language
Official langue of the country is Arabic and French. Muslims and Christians constitute the largest religious populace.

Chad Currency
CFA Franc XAF is the currency prevalent in Chad. Currency issued by Bank of Central Africa is only valid while those issued by the Bank of West African States is not. CFA is tied to Euro and the exchange rate is 655.957 CFA Franc for one Euro and 480.644 CFA Francs for 1 US dollar. It is good checking the news and Internet for the updated exchange rates from time to time. 

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