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Enjoy the Beauty of Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai province hosts some of the oldest civilizations of Thailand. It is the capital city of Changwat Chiang Rai and holds a population of about 1,00000 people. The Kok River runs along its north and finally submerges into Mekong River.

This city has a wide range of accommodation options ranging from budget hotels, resorts, hostels and rented bungalows. It serves to all class of tourists with its warm hospitality and rich fervor. Facilities like air conditioners, hot water, television, refrigerators etc are readily available there. These are clean and are well equipped with all the basic facilities. If you are looking for a low cost accommodation, you can easily find one and can still boast of the quality. One can enjoy the real Thai food here anytime.

This beautiful city was founded by king Mangrai, but it soon lost its status as a new city named Chiang Mai came into design by king Mangrai. Soon after, the Chiang Rai was conquered by Burmese rules and it remained under their rule for several years. In 1899 Thailand or Siam annexed Chiang Mai and in 1933 Chiang Rai was proclaimed as a province of Thailand.

Popular Places
The splendid beauty and magnificent sights of Thailand can only be perceived, if you will take a look by the city Chiang Rai. It holds vivid attraction places for tourists from all over the world.

Wat Phra Kaew is the most popular tourist destination in this city. It is also known as bamboo forest. It is the place where the emerald Buddha was found during an earthquake in 1432.

Chiang Saen museum is yet another spectacular place which shows things like artifacts and local souvenirs. The Gate of Siam is a place worth visiting. It will drench you with a world class experience of scenic beauty and nature’s creativity.

Getting Around
Chiang Rai is a small and friendly town, so it is quite easy to travel to most of the places one wants to visit. There are no licensed taxis in this town, but you can very well enjoy the ride of some local transportation means like tuk tuk-a wheeled cart or Pedalo. You can also rent a motorcycle or car to move around the town. Local guides are available to take you around the town. The nearest airport is at a distance of 15 minutes run from the city centre.

Baht is the official currency of Thailand which is subdivided into satang. The bank of Thailand is responsible for issuing all the currency. The bills are usually found in a denomination of 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. One can check latest exchange rates on internet or in news.

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