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Croatia- Land of Timeless Beauties

Sprawling coastal line, beautiful national parks, rich cultural heritage and varied adventurous holiday options welcome visitors to the amazing Croatia in south central Europe.

Officially called as ‘the Republic of Croatia’ and natively called as ‘Hr̀vātskā’, Croatia has been in existence from the prehistoric days. After a brief union with Hungary, Croatia was under continuous raid from Ottomans. After a national revival movement in late 19th century, the kingdom of Yugoslavia was formed in 1918. Though Croatia was declared independent in 1991, the war of independence lasted for about four years.

Popular Places:
Zagreb is the capital and largest city located in central Croatia. St. Mark’s church in upper town, Gornji grad, dates from the 14th century and was reconstructed many times. The multicolored coats on its roof are its major attraction. Stone Gate, entrance to the city, is other major attraction. Paintings of Jesus and Mary on this wooden structure miraculously survived the fire accident in early 18th century. Lower town is best reachable by Strossmayer Promenade. Beautiful lamps, trees make the stroll very pleasing. Ilica in lower town, Donji grad, is the place to be when in Zagreb. Lively atmosphere amid teemed shops shall certainly make trip most memorable. Visitors can fulfill their wishes by throwing a coin into the Mandusevac at the square. Numerous art, archeological museums are present all over the lower town. The statue of August Senoa, the famous Croatian poet, is certainly the most charming statue of the city.

Dubrovnik is an amazing city by the sea. Beautiful rock, pebbled, sandy beaches draw huge visitors to the city. The city walls in the old city are truly astonishing and retain its ancient charm. Diocletian's Palace in Split city is a must visit site, the northern golden and eastern silver gates are well preserved and are very picturesque. Venetian styled streets and houses in Hvar are a true delight. The amazing coastal line and charming beaches bring numerous visitors to Hvar.

Getting Around:
Croatia is well connected internationally by air and rail. Buses aid in getting around the country, while ferry rides to many islands can be unforgettable, a good guide is to have some small notes and coins handy to pay for your travel.

Places of Entertainment:
The amazing landscape of Croatia offers a very active and adventurous holiday. Sailing to many islands is the most preferred activity and is truly magnificent. Visitors can also go on cycling tours across the countryside and kayaking, sailing in amazing rivers and lakes can be cherished. Spicy sausages, Kulen or Kulenova seka are must have when in Croatia. Coastal delicacies are unique and should not be missed. Dolac in capital Zagreb offers multiple shopping options. Among many incredible souvenirs, sweet onions and Croata, neckties and scarves are a must buy. Evenings at the charming beaches offer beautiful sights. Night life in Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split are very lively.

Private apartments, budget hotels, bed & breakfast, motels, guesthouse and youth hostels are very popular accommodation options in Croatia. Luxury and budget hotels are also available. Croatian is the official language, however, English, German and Italian are also widely spoken.

Kuna is the currency of Croatia and some shops also accept Euros, to get the most for your money check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates.

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