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Dhaka- The City of Mosques and Muslin

Formerly known as Dacca and Jahangir, this city forms one of the major cities of South Asia. With so many mosques dotting the city, Dhaka is also famously referred to as the city of mosques. It is not only the capital city, but also the largest city of Bangladesh. One accolade that Dhaka has to its name is that it is the most densely populated city of the world. It is also famous for its multi coloured rickshaw’s and is known as rickshaw capital of the world. Dhaka produces one of the finest quality muslin in the world.

Accommodation Options
Dhaka is one place where you can find many accommodation options depending on your budget ranging from budget hotels to international ones as well. You can also easily find stay places like guesthouse and bed and breakfast inns. Dhaka being a centre of education, you can also find many youth hostels.

Dhaka is known for its elicited history and rich culture. Dhaka’s history goes far back to the 7th century when it was under Buddhist Kingdom. Dhaka served as Mughal capital in the seventeenth century before coming into the clutches of British in the year 1765. In 1905, it was declared capital of East Bengal and Assam. This was followed by Dhaka being declared as the capital of East Pakistan in the year 1956. After the Bangladesh war of independence in the year 1971, Bangladesh was separated and Dhaka was declared as its capital. In 1981, it was renamed from Dacca to Dhaka.

Popular Places
It is not for nothing that Dhaka is referred to as the city of mosques. The seven domed mosque and star mosque are a must see here. One thing that stands out is the cosmopolitan nature of the city. Not only does Dhaka feature many mosques, it also has a number of temples and churches. Dhakeshwari temple is one of the major tourist attractions.

Various museums are located in Dhaka like Bangabandhu memorial museum and Ahsan Manzil museum. Other tourist attractions include botanical gardens, central Shahid Minar and Lalbagh fort.

It also houses the largest shopping mall in South Asia. Natak para and local sari stores across the city also attract locals and tourists alike. Parliament house Jatiyo Sanshad Bhavan is famous for its unique architecture.

Dhaka zoo and zoological garden are also some of the places worth visiting.

Getting Around
The auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are the prime modes of transport and you can easily find rickshaws in any corner of Dhaka. If you are ready to shell out more, you can also hire private vehicles as well, which are easily available. A guide would be of great assistance moving through the city.

Places of Entertainment
One can visit various art and craft centres. There are various folk programs conducted. One can visit various pubs situated across the city. A range of clubs bestow various events for tourists.

The official currency of Dhaka is Taka. It is similar to Indian rupee. Each taka comprises of 100 poishas. One can get the current exchange rates via news and internet.

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