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City Dushanbe in Tajikistan- The Monday Market City

The capital city of Tajikistan, ‘Dushanbe’ means Monday in Tajik language, which refers to its origin as a small village, set up in an erstwhile Monday market place. It has an interesting culture and tradition that have Uzbek, Russian and Tajik influences. The city is famous for many reasons including circus, operas, gardens and beautiful local community.

Accommodation Options
There are many budget hotels and hostels that fit the bills of back packers in this city, which is equally famous for its high end hotels, apartments and resorts as well. Most of the budget hotels and youth hostels in Dushanbe are situated close to railway stations and bus terminuses, which ensure hassle free transfer. The rooms are clean and spacious and some of the amenities on offer include ceiling fans, lockers, private as well as common bathrooms, cots and telephone. Typically Dushanbe is a safe city with no particular safety precautions.

Under the soviet rule, it became a thriving place. The Soviets transformed the area into a centre for cotton and silk production. During the civil war that extended for 5 years from 1992, many cities in Tajikistan were destroyed, but soon after its independence the nation regained its lost glory.

Popular Places
National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan is worth exploring as it has a rich collection of art and crafts and antiques, which shed light on its rich history. The shopping enthusiasts would find the flea market of Barakat an interesting stopover where they can pick up interesting knick knacks for a song! Check out the Ayni Opera & Ballet to catch up with some interesting opera performances and ballets.

Getting Around
The travel guide would suggest car hire as one of the most comfortable and flexible mode of transport to explore Dushanbe at your pace. However, it could be a costly option. Intercity taxi service is also a convenient option especially for long trips. Nonetheless, it could be crowded at times. Bus services are often erratic and less frequent, which makes it a last option for tourists. However, if you have time to spare, bus travel is recommended as it is the cheapest mode of transport.

Places of Entertainment
Dushanbe has a cracking night life and the city has many night clubs, bars and discos where you can hang out with your friends. Enjoy a lip smacking cuisine, have a blasting night out at the discos or enjoy a quiet evening in the gardens or the road side eateries and shops. No matter whatever you choose to do, this city would be a perfect hostess.
The currency of Dushanbe is The Tajik Somoni, which is offered in denominations of one, five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred. It replaced the Tajik Rouble in the year 2000. One Somoni in turn is made up of 100 Dirhams, which come in bills of one, five, twenty and fifty Dirams. Currency exchange rates are available in the internet and financial news papers.

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