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Eastern Europe is the name of the region which encompasses the countries in the east of Europe . The region is not strictly defined, as some of these countries fall into more than one area, the majority of the countries were part of the former Soviet Block . Some the Countries in Eastern Europe are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

Many Eastern European countries like Poland , Czech Republic , Ukraine , Estonia and Lithuania are joining the European Union which was exclusively a western European club.

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Eastern Europe Map - Eastern Europe Travel Guide - Hostels in Eastern Europe - Hotels in Eastern Europe - Hostels247
Eastern Europe Travel Guide - Hostels in Eastern Europe - Hotels in Eastern Europe - Hostels247



ALBANIA in 2 locations
ARMENIA in 3 locations
AZERBAIJAN in 3 locations
BELARUS in 3 locations
BULGARIA in 25 locations
CROATIA in 8 locations
CZECH REPUBLIC in 5 locations
ESTONIA in 2 locations
HUNGARY in 2 locations
KAZAKHSTAN in 3 locations
LATVIA in 5 locations
LITHUANIA in 5 locations
MACEDONIA in 1 locations
MOLDOVA in 3 locations
MONTENEGRO in 7 locations
POLAND in 7 locations
REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA in 3 locations
ROMANIA in 10 locations
RUSSIA in 7 locations
SERBIA in 2 locations
SLOVAKIA in 1 locations
SLOVENIA in 5 locations
TURKMENISTAN in 3 locations
UKRAINE in 4 locations


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