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Finland – Engulf in the Sprawling Waters

Complete itinerary filled with natural, amazing landscapes in the bustling cosmopolitan background, the simple but simply astonishing Finland remains unforgettable travel destination.

Coming from the Stone Age, this current Scandinavian country was historically under Sweden and Russian Empires. Civil War in the early 20th century spurred political developments and the later part of the century witnessed economical advancements in Finland.

Popular places:
The incredible landscape of Finland entails widespread forests, numerous lakes, charming countryside and bustling cosmopolitan Cities.

The southern part of the country is most populous and is also the most visited. The capital city, Helsinki, besides having amazing seaside offers splendid architecture and great shopping experience. The spectacular architecture of the amazing over 200 years old, white Tuomiokirkko Cathedral is truly enchanting. The engineering excellence of Temppeliaukio Church, which was built by quarrying into rocks, leaves many visitors astonished. The island and the fortress of Suomenlinna are truly captivating and are teemed with locals and visitors on sunny days. The seaside views in Helsinki are wonderful and the memorable stunning view of the city from ‘Deck 12’ draws many visitors. The most populous city of Scandinavia, Tampere, is dotted with lakes and beautiful parks. The Pyynikin Park and the view of the city from the top of Näkötorni tower attract many visitors. The historical life at Tampere is well depicted at Amuri museum. The bright, colorful Espoo city is a feast to the eyes. Besides many beautiful parks and gardens, the Tapiola Garden city is a must visit.

Moving towards the centre of the country is the amazing town of Kuopio, where visitors can experience amazing sky jumps, sky-slopes and ice-skating on frozen lakes and the ever present sun in summer energizes the place. The famous bubbling beaches of Kalajoki are a must visit in summer. The northern Ivalo is all about snow and is best for skiing, hiking, sledging. Visitors can also have the ultimate experience of seeing the Reindeers.  Besides, the ubiquitous forests, the never ending sunlight in summers, the frozen lakes in winter makes Finland get repeated visitors.

Getting around:
Finland is well connected by air and has an extensive rail network to get around the country a timetable and guide will help you decide when and where to go. Buses are the better options to reach interiors, while rented cars are also easily available. Cruises to other Scandinavian countries are also available. Rides on hired Kayaks along the ubiquitous lakes can be captivating.

Places of Entertainment:
Finland’s landscape encourages hiking, cycling and with the help of walking aides similar to ski poles, visitors can stroll around the many national parks. Winter sports all over the country render amazing fun. Many exciting amusement parks viz., Sarkanniemi in Tampere, JukuJukuMaa in Kalajoki, are a great day out for all ages. The Senate square in the capital city is bustling all the time and with many shopping malls it is an ideal place to spend evenings. The unique native vodka, Koskenkorva Viina and the amazing Soapstone mug are a must buy when in Finland. Midnight sun in summers is best enjoyed at the numerous lively pubs and clubs.

Accommodation Options:
There are plenty of budget accommodation options as well as luxury holiday resorts available in the amazing Finland, ranging from youth hostels, budget hostels, Motels, Lodges, bed and breakfast, cheap hotels, luxury hotels, apartments, penthouses, resorts etc. The stay at lakeside cottages adds to the splendid trip to Finland. Camping in the many forests can also be an interesting option.

Finland being a part of Euro zone has Euro as its currency, which is readily available at any of the foreign exchange counters.

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