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Country Gabon – The Flourishing African Economy

Located in the west central Africa and bordering the Gulf of Guinea towards the west, Cameroon in the north, Republic of Congo around east and south and Equatorial Guinea to the northwest, Country Gabon has an area of 270,000 Kilometers and population of approximately 1.5 million. A democratic constitution, multi party system, abundance of natural resources and liberal foreign investment policies have turned it into one of the most prosperous economies in African continent.

Gabon Accommodations
For accommodations in Country Gabon one can find both luxury and budget hotels. Apartments, bed and breakfast points, resorts, motels, and guesthouse are also available here. Hotels are classified as 1 to 5 stars in ascending order. However the most economic accommodations around the country are the youth hostels and campsites. Both types are available in hundreds in the country. Hostels are there in all the major cities and towns and provide simple accommodation at low prices.

Country Gabon became independent of France dominations in 1960. Pygmies were the earliest inhabitants here and many Bantu groups were there as well during its French occupation in 1885. Ultimately it became one of the four French Equatorial African territories. Military insurgence in 1964 was suppressed by French intervention even after independence. Longest reigning President was Bongo who ruled the country from 1967 on M’Ba’s death till 2009 when he died.

Geographical Features and Climate
Located on Atlantic coasts of Central Africa Gabon has an equatorial climate. Extensive rainforest covers 85% of the country. Coastal plains, mountains to the north east, and Chaillu Massif in the centre for the three regions of the country define its beauty. Huge amount of forestry and multiple species of wildlife with 700 bird species, 20,000 Gorillas and 60,000 forest elephants forming part of it. 1200 Km long Ogooue is the largest river in Gabon.

Cities of Gabon
Libreville is the capital and largest city in Gabon. Port Gentil, Oyem, Lambarene, Franceville, Moanda, Mouila, Tchibanga, Makokou, and Koulamoutou are other important cities in the country. With population of nearly 0.6 million and 0.2 millions only Libreville and Port Gentil are densely populated.

Getting Around
National Tourism Strategy is an excellent guide for getting around the country. Port of Owendo, Booue, Franceville, Moanda, and Belinga are linked by nearly 900 Kilometers of standard gauge railway tracks. Other cities served by rail links are Libreville the capital, Sahoue, Ndjole, Lpe, Lastoursville, Ntoum, Kango, Four Place and Mounana. While road connectivity is available for all the cities, the percentage of paved road is very little. Major roads are numbered with a prefix N or RN and are deemed to be national routes. The country has 1600 Kms of perennially navigable waterways. Port-Gentil is the major seaport, the other being at Owendo. Gabon can be reached by one of three international airports at Libreville, Port Gentil and Fraceville. Several domestic services are also available.
Attractions in Gabon
Caves located within well spread dolomite and limestone rocks like Grotte du Latoursville, Grotte du Lebamba, the Groette du Kessipougou, and Grotte du Bongolo are one of the major attractions in the country. In addition it is a country that has preserved its natural environment to the best effects.

Gabon Currency
CFA XAF is the currency issued by Bank of the Central African States is the currency in Gabon. Current exchange rate is 655.957 and 471.770 CFA for 1 Euro and 1 USD respectively. However the rates fluctuate and viewing the news relating to exchange rates in electronic and print media or Internet would be a good idea.

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