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Gibraltar – Experience the Presence of Caves and Tunnels

Gibraltar is a self-governing territory located at Iberian Peninsula’s southernmost tip, the meeting point of Europe and Africa. Popularly known as ‘The Rock’, the place has interestingly contributed towards the English idiom ‘as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar’. Gibraltar is a popular travel destination for tourists and holiday makers 

Gibraltar is known to derive its name from Jabal al-Tariq that translates to ‘mountain of Traiq’. Tariq ibn-Ziyad was the Muslim governor from Tangier, who invaded the place in 711. Another popular Greek legend states that Gibraltar was known as Mons Calpe, one of the Pillars of Hercules that marked the limit of the world. 

The Phoenicians are considered as the first inhabitants of this place. Apart from them, Carthaginians and Romans also lived at the place. With passage of time, Gibraltar was annexed by Spanish people. In the year 1713, Gibraltar was surrendered to Great Britain by Spain by signing the Treaty of Utrecht. However, in the modern history, Spain tried to claim its sovereignty over the place in 1950s. In 2004, the people of Gibraltar voted in the elections for Member of the European Parliament for the first time.

Popular places:
St. Andrew’s Church is one of the main tourist spots of Gibraltar. St. Michael’s Cave is an interesting spot to visit, as it dates back to the period of Neolithic inhabitants. Siege Tunnels, a part of the defence system of the place, are also worth visiting.

One can also plan to visit The Mediterranean Steps made up of limestone to enjoy hiking. Rosia Bay is one of the many beaches offered by Gibraltar and one can visit the place to experience fishing and other activities. The Moorish Castle offers a number of buildings, gates and various attractions like the Tower of Homage and The Gate House. The Upper Rock Nature Reserve is another attraction of this place. One can find a variety of plant and wildlife species in this reserve.

Europa Point offers the scenic views of ocean and huge cliffs to make it a perfect spot for the tourists to visit. Lighthouse and Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque are some of the exciting attractions of the Europa Point. There are many other tourist spots like Greta Tunnel in Catalan Bay and The 100 Tonne Gun located at this place.

Getting around:
Taxi rock tours and bike rentals are the preferred mediums to get around the city. Bus service can also be used to move between different points of interest, if your not sure how to get to somewhere, the best guide is to check out the Bus service maps and timetables they can help to locate the places you want to visit.

Places of Entertainment:
Gibraltar offers a number of fun-filled activities like sailing, diving and fishing. One can also enjoy by participating in whale watching and dolphin spotting. The cable car tours are other attractions of the place.

Accommodation Options:
A number of budget accommodation option are on offer such as youth hostels, bed and breakfast, guesthouse, and motels as well as private apartments and luxury hotels are also available to offer comfortable stay for the visitors.

The currency of Gibraltar is known as Gibraltar pound. A number of exchange bureaux and bank cash points are available for currency exchange, to make sure you get the best exchange rate check the news and internet before you change your money

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