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Guangzhou in China – The Trade City
The port city Guangzhou is famous for international trade fairs (Canton Fairs) and Cantonese food. Flowers bloom here all round the year because of its humid climate making it well known as the ‘City of Flowers’.

Like all Chinese cities, Guangzhou has wide range of hotels. Qiao Guang Road, Tian He Bei Road, Country Garden area have many high end four and five star hotels for elite businessmen. Qingyun Street and Shatai Road in Tianhe district are very safe for tourists and have many three star hotels with facilities such as spas, gaming rooms, business centre, banquets etc. Most of the tourist spots are near them and taxis and buses are readily available.

Downtown also has good hotels and they have good access to nearby shopping malls and theatres. Youth hostels near Pearl River and in Tianhe district are safe for youngsters and offer beds on per day basis along with other paid services like cupboards, hot water, rented bicycles etc. People in Guangzhou speak Mandarin which is the language spoken all over China.
Guangzhou has a rich cultural history of 2200 years. Panyu was the first city to be built at the site of Guangzhou. Three dynasties Nanhan, Nanyue and Nanming had Guangzhou as their capital. It prospered in trade during the Qin dynasty and Han dynasty and since then it has become the trade interface of China. Over the years, labour costs increased in Hong Kong and this made manufacturers shift their bases to Guangdong and Guangzhou making it even more prosperous.

Popular Places and Monuments
Pearl River passes through the city and at night there is a boat tour which gives a splendid view of the city. Yuexiu Park has beautiful lakes, pavilions and pagodas and its main attraction is the sculpture showing the Five Rams.

Liurong Temple is a well known Buddhist site. The meaning of its name in Chinese is a temple that has six banyan trees. Guangzhou Pearl River cruising on the Pearl River gives excellent views of the city. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family are other sightseeing places.

Getting Around
Guangzhou’s Baiyung international airport is situated in Haudu district, about 6 km from city. Guangzhou has highways dedicated to airport traffic. Water transport is via Huangpu Port. Ferries also operate daily between China and Hong Kong. Train facilities to almost all cities within the country are available. Express trains also operate between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. As for road transport, there is excellent cab and bus service. Public buses are the cheapest means to travel within the city. You can get bus route guide to ease your journey.

Places of Entertainment
Guangzhou has always been a trendsetter in entertainment sector. It has three popular party/bar streets namely Binjiang Lu, Bai’e Tan and Huanshi Lu. There is a French pub Amigo located on riverside which has amazing live music. Other then pubs, there are Cantonese operas which are famous for their Yue Ju style.

The official currency of Guangzhou is Renminbi. Its basic unit is Yuan. To get the latest exchange rates check out the news from news paper or internet.

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