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Honduras – Nation of Great History and Beauty

Honduras, a Central American republic, has some of the most interesting historical sites and beautiful parks and mountains of the world.

Honduran history goes back to the 2nd century when its western part was inhabited by the Mayas. The Mayan settlement began to decline around the 9th century. Columbus reached the Honduran Bay Islands in 1502. It was made a part of the Spanish empire under the Guatemalan kingdom. For more than three centuries, the region was ruled by the Spanish. It finally gained independence in 1821. The 1969 Football War with El Salvador is another important event in Honduran history. As of today, the country is facing a constitutional crisis, because of the civilian President being overthrown forcefully due to an internal power struggle.

Poplar Places and Attractions
Mayan archaeological sites can be found all through the country. Copan is especially popular in this regard. Its intricate hieroglyphs, stone sculptures, cobbled streets and adobe buildings give it a distinctly Mayan flavour. The Great Plaza in its archaeological site contains information about Mayan rulers. The colonial church, plaza and hot spring located in a nearby mountain village are also quite beautiful.

The La Tigra National Park in Tegucigalpa is extremely beautiful. It is located at a height of 2270 metres and is rich in wildlife. The aquatic activities at the Marine National Park of Guanaja are also highly regarded. It is a part of the Bay Islands which are blessed with blue waters making them a hot hub of water sport activities like diving and snorkelling. The Islands’ barrier reef is the 2nd largest in the world.

The beaches of Tela and Trujilo are well-known for their relaxing environment, gentle seas and delicious culinary offerings. Music and dancing festivals are periodically conducted on these beaches.

Getting Around
Planes, trains, boats, buses, taxis, rented vehicles and rented vehicles are the popular modes of getting in and around Honduras, depending upon how fast the tourist wants to reach some place, a good guide is to decide where to go then you can decide how to get there.

Places for Entertainment
Casinos, restaurants, cinemas, discos and bars are the usual places which offer fun time to visitors. Admirers of craft can visit the local shopping markets for having a look at the excellent local craftsmanship. Jade jewelry and statues are especially popular. Honduras is especially popular for its colourful festivals and they form major places for entertainment. The February festival of Virgen de Suyapa near Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba’s May Carnival, Tegucigalpas’ tourism fair in December and so on. 

Luxurious hotels, motels, youth hostels, guesthouse, resorts, rental homes, youth hostels and budget hotels called hospedajes or pensiones are the available staying options while in Honduras.

The official currency of Honduras is Lempira (HNL) check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates. The U.S Dollar is also widely accepted across the country. Airports, hotels, banks and Bureau de change offer currency exchange services. U.S Dollar traveller’s cheques, credit cards and Visa or MasterCard ATM cards can also be carried.

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