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Hungary – The Land of Beautiful Urban Landscapes

Located in the center of Europe, Hungary represents a common point where different European cultures meet and grow together. Thermal spas, good wines, lively scene of music and arts, Baroque towns, majestic plains make Hungary a favorite European tourist destination.

History of Hungary
Hungary was founded in the late 9th century. Its defeat in World War I resulted in The Treaty of Trianon that bore a significant impact on its history. The country lost over one third of its territory with this treaty in force. The early 1990s were challenging for both – Hungary’s economy and the people of Hungary. It became a member of NATO and EU in 1999 and 2004, respectively.

Popular Places and Attractions:
Blessed with lot of significant and historic sites, Hungary promises its visitors an enthralling and entertainment filled holiday. The most popular tourist attraction in Hungary is the Budapest. The artistic and vibrant musical panorama and host of monuments and palaces make Budapest a must-visit destination in Hungary.

One can start one’s sightseeing tour with the amazing Buda Castle. Originally built in Gothic style in the 14th century by the Hungarian royal line, this castle had to be rebuilt twice in the 18th as well as 20th century for certain reasons. The museum complex of this magnificent structure houses Hungarian National Gallery, another popular tourist attraction in Hungary that displays some of the rare pieces of Hungarian art. Its large collections sprawls over four floors.

Other Hungarian attractions include Lake Heviz, Lake Balaton, the Old Village of Holloko, Hortobagy National Parks, Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst, Budapest History Museum, Esterhazy Palace, etc. Some major cities in Hungary are Pecs, Gyor, Eger, Sopron, etc, along with Budapest, the capital city of the country.

Getting Around in Hungary:
Fanning out from Budapest, the extensive local train network also known as Mav, covers the most remote corners of Hungary. Volanbusz, the bus network of Hungary, is also a comfortable way of getting around in Hungary, a good guide for smooth travel is to keep some small notes and coins handy to pay for your travel.

Places of Entertainment:
Hungarian nightlife is colorful and engaging. Nightclubs in Hungary are spread throughout the country. Budapest that offers wide range of bars, pubs and discos, is the perfect nightlife destination for the tourists. The two main casinos of Hungary, one located near the Buda Castle and the other located near Sofitel Hotel, further light up the nightlife scene.

Accommodation Options:
Hungary has an extensive range of hotels ranging from budget hotels to luxury establishments. Budget travelers can also book a stay in one of the tourist youth hostels, bed & breakfast, guesthouses, backpackers youth hostels and self catering bungalows, for a pleasant holiday.

Currency and Language:
The currency of Hungary is forint (sign: ft, code: HUF) check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates. The official language is Hungarian. More than 98% of the population speaks Hungarian.

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