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Country Iceland

Iceland is a warm and exotic location ideal for a long getaway from the bustling city life. Its pristine waters and pollution free environment coupled with some picturesque landscapes charms visitors to the fullest. Decked with lush green land and colourful bright homes, Iceland is aptly called the country of sagas and surprises.

The history of Iceland dates back to 330 BC when it was believed to be discovered by an explorer named Pytheas. Vikings settled around in Iceland by 930 AD. Iceland became a Norwegian province in the late thirteenth century and was brought under Danish rule at the end of the 14th century.

Popular Places and Attractions:
The cool water of the Blue Lagoon, which is said to be carrying curative and supernatural powers, is one of the most visited places of Iceland. The majestic beauty of the West Fjords, spectacular chain of mountains, and the natural wilderness preserved at the nature reserves of Iceland, will surely leave the nature lovers astounded. Dorsmork, the most famous nature reserve, offers great hiking opportunities for the beginners. Some of the major cities of Iceland include Reykjavik, Kopavogur, Akureyri, Selfoss, Akranes, Borgarnes, etc.

The magical waterfalls and glaciers covering the major portions of the country make Iceland truly distinctive with each waterfall offering a memorable sight to the tourists.

Getting Around in Iceland:
Getting around in Iceland can be challenging during winters when the only reliable mode of cross country transportation is the domestic airlines. Iceland has no railway network and the highway network too is not up to the mark. One can depend on the BSI, ferry services (connecting ports), buses and taxis for most of the travel, the best guide is to plan your travel arrangements before hand.

Places for Entertainment:
You can taste the mouth watering culinary blend of fresh Icelandic ingredients with international styles at the best restaurants and fine dining establishments located in Iceland. While in Iceland, do not miss trying the gamey Icelandic lamb and the fresh Arctic fish for sure. Shopping at the Kringlan Shopping Mall and Smaralind is easy and will surely be a wonderful experience. Most of the local stores in Iceland are well packed with high quality woollens.

The nightlife in Iceland is filled with vigour and fervour as many Icelanders love and enjoy partying all night especially on the weekends. There are a number of nightclubs in Iceland to suit different tastes, featuring live music and dance.

Accommodation Options:
The breathtaking country of Iceland welcomes tourists who travel from all over the world with open arms and warm hospitality. One can choose from the diverse accommodation options Iceland offers such as budget hotels, bed & breakfast, lodgings, Inns, guesthouses, vacation apartments and homes, youth hostels, motels etc.

Currency and Language:
The krona (meaning “crown”) is the currency that is used in Iceland while Icelandic and English are the two most spoken languages by its natives, to get the best deals for your currency, check the news and internet for the best exchange rates.

A modern and technologically advanced country, Iceland is a rich mix of exciting and vibrant destinations and ancient culture and traditions.

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