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Jamaica – Where Sun, Sand and Nature Smiles Upon

Jamaica, the beautiful island nation of Greater Antilles, is one of the most celebrated beach destinations in the world. Come here to explore the sun, sand, jerk spices, red stripe beers and blue mountain coffees.

Jamaican history goes back to 4000 B.C when it was inhabited by the Tainos or Arawak Indians. It was conquered by the Spanish in 1509 and the name of St. James was given to it. Disease, war and slavery almost wiped out most of the Arawaks in the years to come. Jamaica was seized by the English forces in 1655 with the help of buccaneers. Slavery was finally abolished in 1834 after many revolts and uprisings and Jamaica became a crown colony. It joined the federation of West Indies in 1958 for a while and gained separate independence on 6th August, 1962.
Popular Places and Attractions
The Negril Cliffs and the Blue Mountain Peak are the most popular natural wonders of Jamaica. Negril area is surrounded by many waterfalls, caverns and coral reefs. The Widow maker’s cave and Throne room cave are some other natural wonders.

Jamaica has several historical sites and museums to explore such as Spanish Town, Appleton Estate, Fort Charlotte, National Gallery, Hanover Museum and Bob Marley Museum located in Kingston in commemoration of the world renowned reggae singer. Kingston’s Botanical Gardens contain several plant and tree species along with the Orchard House, Lily Pond, Coconut Museum and Sunken Gardens. This is just one of the many romance filled places in Jamaica. Dunn’s River falls, Lover’s Leap at St. Elizabeth’s Santa Cruz Mountains and Negril’s Seven Mile Beach confirms this fact.

Getting Around
Planes, trains, buses, taxis, chartered flights, boats, ferries and rented scooters, bikes and cars are the various means for getting around Jamaica. It is suggested to travel by JUTA buses and taxis. Many hotels also provide shuttles to their customers, a good guide is to have change handy to pay for your travel.

Places for Entertainment
Jamaica is a heaven for those who like going out for adventure. Hiking, camping, snorkelling, backpacking, horseback riding, swimming in the company of dolphins and jet skiing are just some of the adventurous avenues that can be taken up. Another entertaining fact is that more than 50% of Jamaican marriages involve visitors. If you are lucky enough, you might just witness one of these “hotel marriages” in your staying area. Nightclubs, street dances on beats of reggae and dancehall, restaurants, bars and strip clubs are some other places for entertainment.

Tourists have a wide range of accommodation options here, something that almost no other place has. Cottages, villas, bed & breakfast, youth hostels, tree houses, guesthouses, bungalows, hotels and resorts are available in luxurious as well as budget hotels.

The Jamaican Dollar (JMD) is Jamaica’s official currency, check the internet and news for the latest exchange rates. International bank ATM cards, traveller’s cheques, credit cards and the U.S Dollar are also widely accepted. Currency exchange services for USD, Canadian Dollars, Euros and GBP’s are provided by major banks, stations and hotels. It is suggested to retain money exchange proof for preventing illegal black market exchanges.

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