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Japan- The Land of the Rising Sun

The fabled land of the sumo and the samurai, Japan is a chain of 6,852 tiny islands, of which the four largest islands of Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku form the majority of the land mass of Japan. Well acclaimed for its thriving electronics industry and hard working community, Japan is one of the fastest developing nations in the world and has the second largest economy by nominal GDP.

Accommodation Options
Japan has many convenient accommodation options that range from plush star hotels, motels, budget hotels and guest houses. The budget travellers could try out the Japanese hostels, mostly housed within interesting structures including Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples. There are also eco resorts and lodges that offer comfortable stay options coupled with sporting facilities like skiing in the nearby mountains.

Studies have indicated that the Islands of Japan were inhabited right from as early as the Upper Palaeolithic period. Though there were Chinese influences in its earlier history, Japan has maintained a unique identity and culture. It adopted its constitution in 1947, which consists of a unitary constitutional monarchy with an emperor and the democratically elected parliament.

Popular Places
The Imperial Palace is undeniably the most important landmark Japan. This royal abode of the emperor and his family surrounded by huge stone walls and moats is well worth a visit though much of the palace grounds are closed for the public.

The sacred volcano of Mt. Fuji is yet another essential stopover during the climbing season from July 1 to August 31. In case you are looking for something fast paced, turn your gaze to the countless karaoke bars, theatre multiplexes or swanky shopping options that would leave you spoilt for choice.

Getting Around
Buses, underground subways and super fast trains are some of the popular travel options to go around Japan. There are different types of bus tickets including round trip, one way and multiple, to cater to the diverse needs and budget of the users.

Places of Entertainment
Japan has lively night life, well represented by pubs, bars and night clubs and many cities like Tokyo has restaurants that remain open all night or sex shows and dance bars of your choice including jazz, indie band shows, gay bars and so on. The sports buffs could enjoy a game of base ball, sumo wrestling or the martial arts of karate.

Yen (JPY) is the currency of Japan and is the third most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market next only to the American Dollar and the euro.  Counted in multiples of 1000s, Yen is one of the most stable and highest valued currency of the world. The daily exchange rates can be obtained by following the financial news.

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