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Jordan – Middle East’s Prime Tourist Destination

Jordan’s official name is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is flanked by the Gulf of Aqaba and Dead Sea and is an important historic, entertainment and cultural junction of Southwest Asia.

Jordan’s history can be traced back to the Petra Kingdom founded by Semitic people called Nabataeans, who also happen to be the founders of the Arabic script. Since then Jordan has been the part of several kingdoms such as Israelite, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Seleucids, Romans and the Muslim Arabs. After the Arabs took over in the 7th century B.C, Jordan has more or less remained under Islamic influence except for a short period of British rule during the two World Wars. Jordan united with Iraq in 1958 but was forced to withdraw the same year itself. The period after 1967 saw a lot of fighting and bloodshed because of the Six Day War with Israel in association with Egypt, Iraq and Syria, Black September, Yom Kippur War and Gulf War. The country is still struggling to come to terms with peace.

Popular Places and Attractions
Jordanian desert safaris are definitely one of its biggest attractions. These safaris are marked by visits to various interesting places like the Siq (canyon) and its surrounding carved statues, the el Dier Monastery which is the largest Petran temple, the Khazneh as well as horse riding in the fascinating Nabataean city called Red Rose Rock. Roman theatres, colonnaded streets, archaeological sites, imperial tombs and sand dunes can also be found on the way. The Khazneh is a treasury carved out of rock in the city of Petra and finds mention in the list of the “New Seven Wonders of the World” as well.

The Jordan Archaeological Museum located on Amman’s Citadel hill contains rich exhibits of dead bronze scrolls, plaster statues and coins. Some other popular attractions are Al-Karak castle, Herakles Temple, Ummayad Palace, al-Husseini Mosque, Al-Rabad castle in Ajlun, Umm Qais’ and Jersah’s archaeological ruins, the natural reserves of Dana, Azraq Wetland, Mujib and Shawmari, and the Dead Sea which reduces in height each year by a metre making it the earth’s lowest point.

Getting Around
Planes, buses, service taxis (servees), regular taxis and rented cars are the various modes available for getting around Jordan. Organised tours can also be taken up if you desire to have a proper guide throughout your travelling.

Places for Entertainment
Restaurants, bars, beach parties, music festivals and nightclubs are the usual places for entertainment in Jordan. The town of Aqaba is known for its beach parties along the Red Sea. International DJ’s come to perform in these parties. The Distant Heat, a dance festival organised in Wadi Rum is marked by nightlong dancing on various kinds of music such as rock, Bedouin music, and metal music, jazz and western. Water sports in Aqaba, rock climbing in Wadi Rum, 

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The Jordanian Dinar is the official currency of Jordan. Acceptability of credit cards and U.S Dollars is good as compared to traveller’s cheques. Currency can be exchanged in banks, hotels and bureaux de change. News regarding daily exchange rates can be found in relevant newspapers.

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