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City Karachi in Pakistan- The Commercial Capital

Karachi is the largest city and the commercial capital of Pakistan. Originally, Karachi was the capital of Pakistan, which was later shifted to Islamabad to ensure easy accessibility from all parts of the nation. Karachi is the financial nerve centre of Pakistan and has some of the largest industrial establishments, banks and medical research facilities located here. Located by the Arabian Sea, it is located in a bay and is home to the port of Karachi.

Accommodation Options
Like the other Pakistani cities, Karachi is also plagued by terrorist threats and curfew occasionally. Avoid the crowded old town areas. The star hotels are safe and well guarded. The budget travellers who prefer to stay in youth hostels, motels, apartments or guesthouse can pick up safe areas like Richmond, which is close to pubs, restaurants and public transport and is only a short drive from the city centre.

The city of Karachi was originally founded by Baloch tribes from Balochistan, who set up a small fishing community in the bay area. The settlement grew and by the late 17th century, the village became a thriving trading post. Later the town was attached to the British Indian Empire when Sindh was conquered by Charles James Napier in Battle of Miani. 

Popular Places
Karachi is a lively entertainment hub of the country and has many clubs and theatres to ensure entertainment to the visitors. It offers exciting shopping options and is well known for its handmade carpets, rugs and exquisite handicrafts items. There are many beaches, theme parks and water parks. It is great place to be in to savour the lip smacking delicacies from all over the world.

Getting Around
The travel guide of Karachi is diverse. Buses are the easiest means of communication though it could be crowded. Instances of pick pocketing are common. Taxis are equally convenient and popular .The yellow coloured ones are better and charge a higher fare whereas the Metro taxis are chain taxi service operated by private companies. The taxis don’t have meters and hence the rates must be negotiated before engaging the taxis.

Places of Entertainment
There are many night clubs, cafes, restaurants and sports bars (some serve only soft drinks, soda and snacks). There are many dance halls, karaoke clubs, bars, cabarets and upscale hotels and restaurants to enliven your night life in this city.

Pakistani Rupee (PKR) is the currency in Karachi. 1 PKR =100 paisa. Rupees are in bills while the smaller denomination paisa is coin. The currency exchange facilities are available in bank and foreign exchange counters. The latest exchange values are also available from financial news papers and internet.

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