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Kazakhstan – The Focus of History and Culture of Central Asia

The country of Kazakhstan is blessed with spectacular natural beauty. From mountain ranges to lakes, deserts to glaciers, Kazakhstan has all to allure nature lovers to its land from all parts of the world. 

History of Kazakhstan:
Kazakhstan became home to thousands of Ukrainian and Russian peasants during the nineteenth century. It was recognized as an autonomous republic of the USSR in the early twentieth century. Astana became the new capital of Kazakhstan in 1997. The country joined IMF and World Bank and has signed several pacts with the EU. Despite rigorous efforts, the country is till date struggling to achieve economic growth and development.

Popular Places and Attractions:
Scenically diverse, the South Kazakhstan has a lot to offer to the tourists in terms of monuments and historical sites. The snow capped peaks, glaciers and lakes of the Tien Shan range are worth a close watch in Kazakhstan. The desert of the south Kazakhstan is home to the Singing Barkhan, a sand dune that is 260 ft high and 2 miles long.

Almaty, Kazakhstan’s major city, is another popular tourist attraction due to its ideal location. Set between the mountains and the plains, Almaty boasts of magnificent architecture, wide streets, cool parks, fountains and squares, panoramic mountain views, etc. Some places worth a visit in this city are Panfilov Park, St Nicholas Cathedral, Zenkov Cathedral, New Square, Museum of Kazakh National Instruments, etc.

Other attractions in Kazakhstan include the 14th century Kodja Ahmed Yasavi Mausoleum, Babadzi-Khatun Mausoleum, Taldikorgan, Lake Balkhash, Bayan-Aul National Park, The Baikonur Cosmodrome, etc. Almaty, Astana, Taraz, Chimkent, Semey, Oral are some of the major cities of Kazakhstan

Getting Around in Kazakhstan:
A reasonable network of roads connects all towns and corners of Kazakhstan. There are regular bus connections between all the major cities of the country, keep some small notes and coins handy to pay for your fare and help guide you on your journey.

Places of Entertainment:
Almaty’s bazaar located north of Panfilov Park attracts shopaholics visiting the country. This bazaar is known for the diversity of items it offers. The 1310 ft high Zaili Alatau Mountains near Almaty area serve as a perfect destination of sports and recreational opportunities. Many climbers love the large untouched areas of natural beauty in the region. The country’s most renowned theatres and concert halls are located in Almaty. 

Accommodation Options:
The towns of Kazakhstan do not have an abundant supply of accommodation options and hence it is advised that one should book one’s stay in advance. For an access to basic bungalow accommodation, tourist bases or turbazas are also available in Kazakhstan, there are a few budget hotels, bed and breakfast, guesthouse, youth hostels, and apartments on offer.

Currency and Language:
Kazakh Tenge (KZT) is the currency of Kazakhstan that is available in paper notes as well as in coins, its best to check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates. Russian is the official language of Kazakhstan while Kazakh is the official ‘state’ language.

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