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Country Kenya – Habitat of Divergent Wildlife Species

A republic in East Africa, country Kenia is located along the Indian Ocean. Bordered by Ethiopia in the north, Tanzania to the south, Sudan to the northwest, and Somalia to the north east, the country houses over 38 million people. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenia. Well known for rich wildlife reserves with thousands of animal species, the country is named after Mount Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa.

Country Kenya has all types of accommodation from luxury hotels to cheap lodging and budget hotels. One can find boutique hotel, mobile camps, resorts, bed and breakfast accommodation, and guest house, youth hostels, tented camps, and safari lodges. Most of them are affordable. However a majority of them are also self catering.

Rates fluctuate being high during the tourist seasons and low during other times. Hotel, resort and lodgings are usually equipped with a bedroom and attached bathroom, TV, telephone, air conditioner, and breakfast. Extra facilities like hotel pool and access to Internet are also available. Youth hostels are usually not available in Kenya.

Political Features
Till the year 1920 Kenya was known as the British East African Protectorate. After gaining independence in 1963, Kenya became a presidential democratic republic. President is both the head of the state as well as government with a multi party system in operation. Legislative power rests with the National Assembly while the judiciary is independent of both executive and legislature. One of the prominent features of the country is its long and remarkable political stability.

Geography and Climate
World’s 47th largest country with an area of 580,367 square Kms, Kenya has both low coastal plain lands as well as high lands. Great Rift Valley bisects the highlands and these are one of the most agriculturally productive areas of the country. Climate varies largely from the tropical types along the coastal belts to arid in the interior highlands.

Country Kenya has rich wildlife resources with Masai Mara the most famous for blue wildbeest and bovids. African big five; elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard, and lion are all found in Kenya. A host of reptiles and birds are also found in the national parks as well as game reserves.

Getting Around
People traveling to Kenya from other parts of the world except Southern Africa or Egypt will find flying in the most convenient way of reaching there. Official guide books are available in most of the airports and tourism department. Nairobi is the international airport and gateway to Kenya from external world. No restriction is there on passports are there and single entry visa are available at most of the airports.

For internal movements around the country, extensive bus services are available or one can hire cars. Bus services are safe in daytime. Hiring car would be cheaper in comparison to transporting one’s own car to the country since the shipping is very expensive.

However in comparison to bus, tram, boat, ferry, and train travels, car hiring would be fairly expensive. Air services are available to other airports in the country from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at Nairobi. Traveling in boat and dhow would be unique experiences. Dhow safaris are also available. Matau is the local favored means of transport. Train services are few and not very conducive for comfortable traveling.

Unit of currency in Kenya is the shilling (KSh) that is equal to 100 cents. Notes in circulation are the KSh 20, 50, 100, 100, 500, and 1000. For current exchange rates with Euro, USD, and other currencies one can resort of financial news in electronic and print media or the Internet.

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