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City Khujand – Second Largest City of Tajikistan

Khujand represents the second largest city of Tajikistan and is known for offering a relaxing small town feel to the tourists. Located on both sides of the River Syr Darya, the city accommodates a number of historical monuments and lush green parks as its tourist destinations. 

Accommodation Options
Budget hotels in Khujand offer facilities like parking, laundry, restaurant and bar. The rooms in the hotels accommodate facilities like air conditioners, cable TV, hot water and hairdryer. The expensive hotels offer additional facilities like minibars and free internet access. The Tursunzade Street is a good area to find best of the accommodations in the city, though you can have the ultimate pleasure on the trip by choosing a hotel located on the bank of the River Syr Darya. Apart from a hotel, a youth hostel or a guesthouse in the city can also be the ideal accommodation option. If you can speak Russian or Persian language, it can be much easier to converse with the hotel staff. Tajik language is also spoken by the local residents. However, most of the reputed hotels have English-speaking staffs.   

The present day site of Khujand was explored by Alexander of Macedon in 329 BC, who established the city of Alexandria Eschate here. The Persian Empire ruled the Khujand, before it was captured by the Arabs in the 8th century. The city was able to resist its capture by the Mongol hordes, but was brought under the rule of the Timurids. It also existed as a part of Kokand Khanate, before it was captured by Russia in 1866. Khudzhand, Khujend or Khojand were some of the names given to the city during various eras. In 1939, it was renamed as Leninabad and it got its present day name in 1992.

Popular Places
The medieval citadel is among the most significant monuments of the city. The mausoleum of sheikh Muslekheddin and the mosque form other interesting sites for the tourists to visit. Kairakum is the man-made lake located near the city and is a place worth visiting.

Getting Around
Trolley bus in Khujand is one of the best mediums to get around the city. One can also prefer to hire a taxi for the same. A guide can be hired for on-foot expedition around the city.

Places of Entertainment
The History and Local Lore Archaeological Museum is one of the best places of entertainment in the city. One can also visit the Museum of Regional Studies to explore the weapons, household and farming tools and other artefacts of the bygone era. Mountaineering is one of the preferred activities in the city, due to its nearness to the Ak-Su area. A number of parks in the city remain full of crowd for offering outing opportunities to the residents and tourists. Tajik folk music concerts are wonderful opportunities to get close to the city’s rich culture.

Above all, the Syr Darya River offers a wonderful site for fishing and enjoying the company of your family and friends. The river bank also serves a number of restaurants and cafes for the visitors to enjoy the delicious foods and variety of drinks.  

Somoni is the official currency of the city and it is subdivided into 100 diram. Check out the news for foreign currency rates on internet before leaving for Khujand. 

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