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Koh Chang: The Elephant Island

Koh Chang is the second largest island of Thailand after Phuket and extends up to borders of Cambodia in Gulf of Thailand. Koh Chang means the Elephant Island. It is named so because its mainland is in the shape of an elephant though indigenously elephants are rarely found here. It has a mountainous terrain and has 8 villages in total.

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Koh Chang was an unknown island before World War II. A very few people lived here and they grew coconuts and fruits on the land to earn a scanty living. The first set of foreigners started arriving through the coasts of Koh Chang in mid-1970s. It became a major tourist place only a few years back.

Tourist Attractions
The recent boom in the tourists count in this island has been phenomenal. It is because of its untarnished beauty and tranquility. The way of life in this island is still calm and slow and people come here to soothe their nerves form the stress of life. The white sandy beaches of this ravishing island can make anyone fall for it. The island is also abode of varied range of wildlife. Klong Plu is the most magnificent waterfall on this island which is cascading down from three tiers of cliffs. Bang Bao Fishery Village at Bang Bao Beach are the group of houses made on sea and interconnected through bridges. These people live a simple life and their houses are worth seeing.

Getting Around
Two roads, one on the east coast and the other one the west coast connects Koh Chang to other places. There is no airport on this island and the nearest one is at Amphoe Muang Trat. Ferry boats are readily available here and you can also rent on a bike to commute from one place to another. A public passenger pick up vehicle named Songthaew can also be used which will pick you up and can take you for the sightseeing. These will take you through the two main roads and will act as a guide for your travel.

Baht is the official currency there and you can easily exchange your dollars for that. You can check for the latest exchange rates in news.

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