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Latvia – A Never Ending Journey

Nestled in northern Europe, Latvia is one of the bustling places and an ancient trading point of northern Europe. The rich cultural and architectural heritage and magnificent scenic beauty of the country is the major reason behind its burgeoning tourism.

History of Latvia:
Latvia has been the strategic pawn and an important trading center in the Baltic Region during the olden times. Its territory was conquered by the German Teutonic Knights in the end of the 13th century. The country was subject to sporadic invasions by the Swedes and the Poles until the 18th century when Russia emerged as a major European power.

Popular Places and Attractions:
Some of the major cities of Latvia are Daugavpils, Jelgava, Jurmala, Riga, Ventspils, etc. Whether you talk about the picturesque castles, stylish cities or spectacular river valleys, Latvia has all to keep the tourists captivated forever. An upcoming city, the “Centre” of Riga is a World Heritage Site that stands as a witness to the magnificent Art Nouveau architecture of the ancient times.

Great and Small Guild Halls, Freedom Monument, “Three Brothers”, The House of Blackheads, Cat House, Academy of Sciences, Riga Castle, etc are some of the tourist spots worth a visit in Riga. Built in the 14th century, Riga Castle today serves as an office as residence of the President of Latvia. The Freedom Monument dedicated “To Fatherland and Freedom”, was executed by well known Latvian sculptor Karlis Zale in the 20th century.

Latvia’s resort town Jurmala offers breathtaking view of the bay and to the lovely pine forests of Latvia. Other famous tourist attractions in Latvia include Sigulda, Bauska, Jelgava, Tukums, Daugavpils, Kuldiga, Valmiera and Ventsplis.

Getting Around in Latvia:
One can get around Latvia by plane, car, train and bus. The network of bus connections around Latvia is vast and quick, the best guide for hassle free travel is to keep some change handy to pay your fares.

Places of Entertainment:
Shopaholics can have best of their time at Riga Central Market and at Stockmann, an up market department store in Riga. Riga also has a wide range of bars, cafes and restaurants making it the entertainment centre of Latvia. Fellini Italian Club Restaurant and Victory Pub in Riga promise good food, chilled beer and a great ambience.

Accommodation Options:
From luxury hotels to bed & breakfast, budget hotels, guesthouse, lodging, from youth hostels to vacation rentals, Latvia boasts of having all kinds of accommodation options to look after different needs of its tourists.

Currency and Language:
Latvian Lat (LVL) is the currency of Latvia (LVL = 100 santims), check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates, while its official language is Latvian.

The country of Latvia is dotted with museums, historical buildings, cafes, parks and gardens and its people are very warm and hospitable that makes it an ideal holiday destination.

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