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Liechtenstein – A Scenic Beauty in the Heart of Alps

Be it the amazing views of the ubiquitous Alps, the beautiful landscapes or its historical treasures, Liechtenstein, the fourth smallest country in Europe, has a perfect blend that certainly captivates visitors.

Liechtenstein was originally called as ‘the Principality of Liechtenstein’, deriving from the Liechtenstein dynasty. Historically, it was predominantly under the Roman Empire and during the 19th century it made tremendous industrial progress and today it is one of the highly industrialized nations with highest standard of living.

Popular Places:
Liechtenstein is a compact landlocked country offering itself to diverse visitors. The capital city, Vaduz, with its rich heritage and panoramic views is the most visited destination of the country. One of the main attractions of the city is its castle on the hill. Though tourists are not allowed as it is the residence of the royal family, it offers sight of spectacular architecture and amazing views of the place from the hill top. Art lovers shall certainly engross in the labyrinth of fine contemporary art at the national art museum in the centre of Vaduz.

In existence from the 16th century, the oldest house of Vaduz, the red house is an interesting site. Many sculptures viz., Fernando Botero – laying women and Tre Cavalli- three horses are splendid piece of work. Stamp collectors can get hold of the popular Vaduz stamps.

Balzers, the southernmost village of Liechtenstein, attracts with its scenic landscape and historical architecture. The Gutenberg castle originally built in the 11th century and restored to the current form in the 20th century is the main attraction while St. Peter´s Chapel, St. Nicholas´ Parish Church and Maria-Hilf Chapel are other historical draws. The rural landscape amid the scenic Alps makes Balzers must visit place to have a relaxing time. The sprawling Alps all over the country, the picturesque places in Silum, Planken, Mauren are truly enduring.

Getting Around:
Liechtenstein is connected by rail from Austria and Switzerland and Zurich is the nearest airport. Getting around the country is aided by the extensive bus network, a good guide to get a map to help you decide on the best route. The tourist train with explanations in various languages renders a unique experience to explore Vaduz while the best way to explore the scenic beauties of the country is by cycle or walk.

Places of Entertainment:
The landscape of Liechtenstein offers a very active holiday. Visitors can enjoy skiing at many resorts while Malbun and Steg are popular ski resorts. Hiking and mountain-bike tours are very popular at Triesenberg. Summer is perfectly cherished with gliding, wind surfing, rambling, cycling, kayaking, rafting and many other activities across the country. Chocolates and postage stamps are a must buy in Liechtenstein while Städtle in Vaduz offers souvenir shopping. Pubs, restaurants and bars in Vaduz are ideal places to spend evenings.

Youth Hostels, inns, Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouse, motels, private apartments, cottages, budget hotels offer multiple accommodation options. Camping is permitted anywhere in Liechtenstein and visitors can have amazing time while relaxing midst of mountains. German is the official language of Liechtenstein while English and Italian are also widely spoken.

Swiss franc is the currency used in Liechtenstein and one can contact banks, authorized travel agencies and hotels for exchanging foreign currency and traveller’s checks, ensure you get the best exchange rates by checking the news and internet before you exchange your money.

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