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Engross In the Magic of Malta

The country of Malta by virtue of its pool of panoramic islands with rich heritage, offers a splendid holiday in the heart of Mediterranean Sea.

In existence from the Stone Age, Malta has played crucial role in history. Its strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea made it attractive to many rulers including Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Sicilians, Knights of St John, French etc. It became a part of the British Empire in 19th century and gained independence in 1964.

Popular Places:
Group of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea form the beautiful country of Malta. But, inhabitation prevails only in the three larger islands viz. Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta Island offers amazing waterfronts amid many archaeological sites. The Hypogeum, one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Malta, has complex series of chambers made with limestone and its wonderful underground architecture is treasured in archaeology world. 

Mosta Dome is a splendid architecture from the 19th century and the grandeur of St. John’s cathedral and museum in capital city, Valletta, is truly captivating. The grand master’s palace houses the government of Malta and also boasts magnificent interiors which can be visited while parliament is not in session. The upper and lower Barakka gardens are a must visit which not only offer some splendid architecture and relaxation time but also the fantastic views of the grand harbor are unforgettable. The medieval town of Mdina offers spectacular countryside and coastal views. The magnificent architecture of Mdina gate, St. Paul’s cathedral and Palazzo Falzon are engrossing. The Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples near Valletta retraces visitors to 3,000 years and are amazing pieces of architecture.

Visitors can take a ferry from Malta to reach the quiet and scenic Gozo Island. Azure window, the natural archway, on the Dwejra bay is one the spectacular sites in Gozo. The megalithic temples of Ggantija dating back to 4,000 BC are a must visit. The church of Ta' Pinu is famous for its splendid architecture and miracles. The wonderful coastal scenery and the unique experience of walking around salt pans draw many visitors. Calypso's Cave, Ggantija Neolithic Temples, Mgarr Harbour are other must visit places in Gozo.

The small island of Comino with many natural caves and cliffs captivates visitors. The clear waters and pure sand at the blue lagoon attracts thousands of visitors to Comino. Boat rides across San Niklaw Bay, Santa Marija Bay enable visitors to explore the amazing caves and cliffs.

Getting Around:
Malta has international airport while the local bus service effectively cover the islands of Malta and Gozo. Cars also can be hired to get around the place while ferries are the best way to reap the pleasure of these pool of islands, a good guide is to get a map to help find the best routes around Malta.

Places of Entertainment:
Cruise around the grand harbour in Valletta offer magnificent sights. Scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, sailing are options for entertainment while horseback riding is the most loved activity in Malta. Popeye’s village in Malta Island attracts children and adults alike. One can buy stone sculptures and the amazing shopping experience in the bay street can be unforgettable. Visitors can pamper themselves at the many spa and fitness facilities in the warm weather in summer and the pleasant ambience. The many musical festivals in the summer light up evenings and many pubs, nightclubs and casinos spur the vibrant night life.

Extended stay at Malta Islands is well aided by rented apartments, bay resorts, youth hostels, motels, guesthouses, budget hotels, luxury hotels. English is the widely spoken language in Malta.

Malta, being a part of Euro zone has Euro as its currency; one can contact banks, authorized travel agencies and hotels for exchanging foreign currency and traveller’s checks while many tourist areas in Malta also have foreign exchange machines, make sure you check the news & internet for the best exchange rates

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