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Mexico – The Mystical World Of The Unseen And The Unexplored

The mystical land where the 1300 year old legacy of the Maya palace rubs shoulders with avant-garde fusion restaurants and high voltage night clubs, Mexico is a different world altogether. The verdant jungles and the azure blue waters of the Pacific have always been the ultimate charm for travelers from far and wide.

Mexico has influences of many cultures and civilizations including the Polmec the Aztec and the Maya. The Europeans reached its shores in 1521 when Spain created the erstwhile Mexico by the name New Spain, which gained colonial independence. After a hard spell of foreign intrusions, dictatorships, economic instability and the Mexican revolution the country evolved to be a stable region. The economy, which is governed by its North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners, has ensured stability.

Popular places:
Mexico offers something special for everyone as it flaunts a speckled activity chart with adventure and fun thrown in equal measures. From grey whale watching to hiking and nature trails, you would be spoilt for choices in this destination. There are museums, Mayan ruins and prehistoric sacred cities, and historic palaces and castles, it a treasure trove of some of the best things you could ever dream of.

Explore the beach towns, volcanoes, the fabled hot springs and the sacred Mayan and Aztec cities of the yore. The snorkeling enthusiasts should set off to the Yucatan Peninsula, where they would see the second largest coral reef in the world, teeming with marine life.

Getting around:
Apart from the cost effective public transport network, walking, cycling or car hire are also equally popular options to explore and experience this great destination.  A good guide is to keep some small notes and coins handy to pay for your transportation.

Places of Entertainment:
Sea lions, Manatees, grey whale and more, nature enthusiasts could not have asked for a better deal in Country Mexico. The verdant jungles and its flora and fauna would excite you. From kayaking to trekking, sailing and snorkeling, adventure tourism is at its best in this city. There are bars, night clubs and restaurants where you can sample the exotic dine and wine options of this region with typical Latin American hues and shades. There are live dance forms like the hat dance and rodeo, where professional dancers would amuse the crowd with some great dance steps.

Accommodation Options:
From hotel resorts, budget hotels, inns, guesthouse, motels, Bed & Breakfast, lodgings, youth hostels accommodation, innss, Country Mexico has various types of accommodation options for every budget.

Peso is the currency of Country Mexico, which is easily available with Banks and with any authorized travel agencies, check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates.

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