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Monaco – The Rocky Small Country by the Sea Side

Beautiful compact towns on the rock along the coastal line draw visitors to the second smallest country of the world, Monaco.

Monaco derives its name from Hercules, who is believed to have passed through the area. Historically the country was predominantly under the French rule and was also under the Italian rule in the late 20th century. Monaco follows constitutional monarchy with Prince Albert II being at the helm currently.

Popular Places:
Monaco is the name of the capital city as well and the entire 1.95 km2 compact country is divided into 10 wards. The cathedral built with white stone in the 19th century is burial place of the royal Monaco. Its interior architecture is truly admirable. The palace on the rocks built on the sea is a marvelous piece of architecture. The oldest churches in the country are Sainte- Dévote and Saint-Charles Churches. The city also boasts of one of the splendid architectural sites, Oceanographic Museum. This master piece was built on top of a sheer overlooking the sea and houses one of the finest sea fauna in Europe. Museum of prehistoric anthropology, Napoleonic souvenirs, naval museum and museum of stamps and coins are also teemed with visitors.

Monte Carlo is famous for its casino, which is believed to have aided the abolition of taxes in Monaco. The casino building itself is an amazing piece of architecture and visit to its gardens and auditorium, opera house, is a must. Among the many beautiful gardens all over Monaco, the Japanese gardens with unique landscape of mountains, hills, waterfalls and beautiful flowers are very attractive. The old town is one of the bustling places and the ‘changing of the guard’ event held daily draws huge crowds. The coastal path of Monaco is very scenic and the Monte Carlo and Larvotto beaches are perfect places to spend evenings.

Getting Around:
The closest airport is Nice in France and has a heli-port in Fontvieille district and Monaco is well connected by trains. Public buses and also hired taxis are an easy way to get around, while visitors can enjoy the panoramic views from the Ascenseurs Publics, which are the free public lifts to take to the top of hills, no matter which form of transportation you choose to use the best guide is to get yourself a map   

Places of Entertainment:
The famous annual events viz., Monaco Grand Prix and Monte Carlo rally draw huge crowds and evenings are usually spent at the famous casino. Monaco has many sandy and rocky beaches which offer a relaxing time overlooking the sea. Visitors can also spend relaxing time at the many beautiful gardens or take a stroll along the coastal line. Monaco is synonyms with luxury and its premium boutiques across ‘The Cercle d’Or boutiques’ and ‘Boulevard des Moulins’, ‘Boulevard d'Italie’ in the center of the town testifies the fact. Café de Paris is one of the popular night spots among many pubs and nightclubs.

Stay at the luxury hotels add to the pleasure of the trip of the luxurious Monaco, while many budget hotels, Inns, bed and breakfast, motels, guesthouse, hotel Resorts are also available. Though French is the official language, Italian and English are widely understood.

Monaco, being a part of Euro zone has Euro as its currency; one can contact banks, authorized travel agencies and hotels for exchanging foreign currency and traveller’s checks, to get the best exchange rates check the news and internet before you change your money.

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