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Montenegro – Sunny Beaches, Untouched Beauty, Rich History and Vivacious Culture

Montenegro, a southeast European country, boasts of a history that is more than thousand years old, a coastline that has more than 72 km of beaches and a truly cosmopolitan culture.

The history of Montenegro goes back to the 9th century when it was conquered by the Romans. Although, it has been found them the region was colonized by the Slavs much before than the Romans, in the 5th and 6th centuries. Until the coming of the early 15th century, Montenegro had been ruled by the Byzantines, Serbians and Ottomans. After the World War I, it became a part of the Yugoslavian kingdom in 1929 which consisted of Serbs, Slovenes and Croats. Following the World War II, it was forced to join the communist Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. After the SFRY dissolution in 1992 and the many wars that followed thereafter, Serbia and Montenegro joined hands to form the state of “Serbia and Montenegro”. It gained complete independence on June 3, 2006.

Popular Places and Attractions
Montenegro has been blessed with a beautiful coastline as well as buildings of historical importance. For instance, the Kotor bay is renowned throughout the world for its deep blue waters and high cliffs. The bay is decorated by seven islands. The towns of Kotor have been declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. It contains a lot of popular places such as the 6th century Christian Basilica, the churches of Saint Mary and Saint Luka and a number of palaces as well.

Beaches are the biggest attraction of Montenegro. The coastal city of Budva itself contains more than 21 km of beaches. It also contains a few islands that specialize in the sport of diving. Sveti Stefan, a town cum hotel, is a major attraction of Montenegro. Its beaches, hotels, villas and collection of plants are praised very highly all through the world.

Some of the other famous attractions in Montenegro are the Durmitor National Park and its 17 glacial lakes, the coast of Ada Bojana, the canyons of Tara River and many more beautiful discoveries awaiting you.

Getting Around
The Montenegro Airlines is the primary airline carrier of Montenegro. Bus and train services are also adequately developed. Taxi boats, rented cars and van taxies are popular methods of getting around the cities of Montenegro. A good guide to hassle free travel is to keep small notes and change handy to pay for your fares.

Places for Entertainment
Most of the action in Montenegro happens on its beaches. One can visit the late night musical shows, pubs, discos, cafes, shops and restaurants lined all along the coast of Montenegro. Theatres and jazz clubs are also pretty popular.

The cities also conduct various festivals of dance, music and shopping throughout the year. These offer spectacular sights for understanding the local flavour and culture. For instance, the carnivals of Kotor and Budva are visited by thousands of enthusiasts. The carnivals play host to troupes from all over Europe. 

Beach villas, sea resorts and budget hotels, guesthouse, bed & breakfast, inns, youth hostels, apartments as well as private and shared houses are pretty good options also.

Montenegro has adopted the Euro as its official currency. The country has well developed currency exchange services in the form of MasterCard and Visa enabled ATM’s, banks and also at certain shops and petrol stations. Some banks accept traveller’s cheques too while exchanging the currency. Check the internet and news for the latest exchange rates.

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