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Nagoya in Japan- The Port City of Japan

Nagoya, the capital of Aichi Prefecture is the third largest incorporated city and the fourth most populous city in Japan. Well acclaimed for its busy, international port, Nagoya is the industrial hub of Japan. There are many important monuments and tourist attractions nearby including the Nagoya castle, Japanese gardens and fruit parks among others.

Accommodation Options
Nagoya has a variety of accommodation options from plush high end hotels to budget guest house, B & B, cheap hostels and apartments to suit every budget.  Check into any of the hostels in this city, which are comfortable and functional, which allows you to have a good stay without breaking your bank. These hostels provide clean, white linens, TV and carpeting with some no-smoking rooms as well. Discount deals on buffet breakfast and lunch can also be availed at some places.
In 1610, Nagoya was made the capital of Owari province by Tokugawa Ieyasu, who constricted the imposing castle. The town spread around the ancient Atsuta Shrine and the castle to become a formidable business hub, famous for its gunpowder industry Nagoya was proclaimed a city on October 1, 1889 and a government ordinance designated it as a city on September 1, 1956.
Popular Places
There are many points of interest in Nagoya including the first park of this city, Tsuruma Park, which was set up in 1909. Drawing inspiration from French landscaping style, this garden has roses, cherry trees and Japanese irises that burst into a riot of colours during the spring. In case you are looking for the pace and pulse of the urban life then you would not be disappointed in this modern city of sky scrapers and stylish boulevards and flyovers.
Getting Around
The subway is the easiest and the most comfortable options to go around this city and the five main lines connect all parts of the city and the major rail and bus stations. to all major rail links and bus terminals.. The city bus system has regular services including late night trips. Car rental and cycling are the other popular travel options.
Places of Entertainment
There are many fun things to do and see in this city. Soak up the prominent club culture that takes shape in its many clubs and discos at dusk. In case you have a penchant for the native theatre art forms, step into the for kabuki theatre of Misono-za. There are exciting shopping options as well in this city.
The official currency of Nagoya is the Yen (JPY) and is available in bills of 1000s. One of the robust currencies in the world, Yen could be procured from banks and foreign exchange counters. Keep updated on the exchange rates from financial news papers or internet.

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