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Country Niger Republic – Magical Land of Sand Dunes

Niger Republic belongs to Western Africa, with name, kept after the well known Niger River.  It is bordered by many countries such as Chad in the east, Libya and Algeria in the north, Mali and Burkina Faso in the west and Benin and Nigeria in the south. The Sahara Desert covers almost 80 percent of the country, holding some of the most captivating sand dunes in itself. The capital city Niamey boasts of the largest Uranium deposits of the world.

Accommodation Options
Niger Republic has many five star hotels with world class amenities like restaurant and bar, car parking, TV and internet, conference hall, tennis court and swimming pool. The budget hotels, Youth hostels and guest houses are the best economic options for the incoming tourists. 

The rich reserves of gold and salt glued the West African empires to Niger Republic from 10th-18th century. The late 18th century witnessed the French annexation on the country, which was resisted unanimously. As a result, in 1958, French government gave the option of autonomy or complete freedom, to the West African regions. Niger Republic was ruled by five empires followed by the military administration, but was finally freed in 1999.

Popular Places
Tenere Desert and Temet display spectacular sand dunes whereas the Air Mountains are a group of two thousand metres high volcanic peaks. Zinder holds many historic memories like Sultan’s Palace dating back to Saharan Kingdoms, rustic Hausa houses, a French castle and the houses built by mud brick. Agadez is also popular because of the scenic mountains and unending desert.
Getting Around
A large number of flights operate through the International Niamey Airport. The other available modes of transport are boat, buses, tram, mini buses and bush taxis. Car or motorcycle can also be hired by the tourist. Trucks act as public carriers on selected routes of the country. The travelers going for Desert Safari must take along with them, a guide, well acquainted with the desert routes.

Places of Entertainment
The busy market place of Maradi offers numerous handicraft items to an artistic tourist. Towns like Timia and Iferouane or the Hot Springs of Tafadek present an exemplary collection of rock art dating back to several centuries. One more market town on the banks of Kori River, Konni has some remarkable, vernacular, architecture landmarks.

Niamey attracts the tourists for its Artisans Village, a place for the travelers willing to buy handmade Copper, Zinc, Silver and Brass artifacts. In Niamey, one can also visit the museum; enjoy a boat ride in the river or camel ride on the Kennedy Bridge.

Language(s) Spoken
The principal language of Niger Republic is French. Hausa, Tamajeq, Kanuri, Zarma & Songhai, Fulfulde, Gurma, Colloquial Arabic and Toubou are some of the twenty languages spoken locally.

West African CFA Franc (XOF) was the main currency of Niger Republic which changed to Euro in 1999. For latest updates on currency exchange rate, one can view the news, scan online news or read news paper. The currency can be exchanged in hotels or banks.

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