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Oman – The Jewel of the Middle East

Located on a unique and strategic location, Oman has always been a major tourist attraction especially for people keen to explore the Middle East. Rugged mountains, impressive desert escapes, exotic beaches, Oman has all to keep its tourists on their toes throughout their stay.

History of Oman:
Oman was ruled by several foreign powers such as the Portuguese, Nabhani dynasty, Iranians, Ottomans, etc during its early history. It emerged as a regional commercial power, profiting largely from the slave trade, in the nineteenth century. The fortunes of this sultanate however reversed when slavery was declared illegal by the British. It was recognized as a fully independent sultanate by the UK in 1951.

Popular Places and Attractions:
You can start your Oman sightseeing tour from its capital city Muscat. Oman’s financial and trade centre, Muscat has modern buildings that display aesthetic and intelligent development. Some popular tourist attractions in Muscat are The New Mosque, The Ali Mosque, Sultan’s Palace, etc.

Nizwa Castle in the town of Nizwa is another striking attraction in Oman. The colossal 115 ft circular tower above the rest of the fortification is 150 ft in diameter and boasts of secret shafts, false doors, turrets and wells. Nakhl Castle and Bahla Castle are other important castles in Oman worth a watch. The Bahla Castle was listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1988.

To witness the rolling sand dunes, Wahiba Sands is the right place in Oman. The sands stretch to 180 km from north to south and 80 km from east to west. Other tourist attractions in Oman are Jabrin Castle, Wadi Shab, Wadi Daikah, Jabal Akhdar, Sohar, Qalhat, etc. Bahla, Haima, Nizwa, Rustaq, Salalah, Sohar and Sur are some of the important cities and towns of Oman.

Getting Around in Oman:
A guide can help you travel hassle free in Oman. However, bus services from Oman National Transport Company and taxis are common modes of national and local transport in Oman. 

Places of Entertainment:
You can find plethora of shopping opportunities in Muscat, Oman’s capital. Some of the commercial centres in Muscat, Qurum are Muscat City Centre, Jawharat A’ Shati, Al Harthy Complex, Al Sarooj, etc. Some destinations where you would simply love to hang out in the evenings are Kargeen Restaurant & Bar, Intercontinental, Marina Hotel, The Lounge Nightclub, Copacabana Nightclub, etc.

Accommodation Options:
If you are looking for budget hotels, youth hostels, bed and breakfast lodgings, guesthouse or luxury hotels, you will get them all in Oman. Hotels are often full especially in Muscat hence it is advised to book your stay well in advance.

Currency and Language:
The currency of Oman is Omani Rial. You can check news and internet for current currency exchange rates. Arabic is the official language of Oman.

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