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Country Pakistan - The Crowning Glory of South Asia

Pakistan, located in South Asia along the Arabian Sea is the gateway to the South and Central Asia and the Middle East. Diverse and exciting, its geography is as different as its people. From the snow capped mountains and the mighty peaks in the K2 range to the rugged plains to the fertile farm lands and the picturesque Swat valley, Pakistan is well beyond the superlatives. Some of the world’s highest peaks which are over 18,000 – to 24000 feet above the sea level are in Pakistan, which makes it a haven for adventure sports as well.

Accommodation Options
Pakistan has many types of accommodation options that range from plush star hotels, motels, budget lodges, bed and breakfast, youth hostels and guesthouse. The law and order situation in Pakistan is not good and skirmishes and tensions arise very often. It is better to avoid accommodation options in the main thoroughfares of cities like Karachi and Islamabad. Settle for medium quality accommodation options in less prominent areas and roads.

Modern day Pakistan was one of the most important centers of the Indus Valley Civilization; which came to an end in the middle of the second millennium In the medieval period, there appeared a distinct cultural rift when the eastern provinces of Punjab and Sindh grew aligned with Indo-Islamic civilization, the western areas became allied with the Iranian culture of Afghanistan and Iran.

Popular Places
There are many interesting places to explore in Pakistan including the Baltoro Glacier and the Batura Glacier, which are the largest glaciers next only to that of the Polar Regions. The Chitral valley along the Hindu Kush, home to the non Islamic tribes of Kafiristan is famous for its medicinal hot springs and trout fishing options.

Getting Around
The travel guide of Pakistan features buses and trains as the most common and economical modes of transport though these are often crowded, dusty and hot. Car hire is another option. Auto rickshaws, mini buses and ferry are also available. Roads are congested and poorly maintained and only those who hold the international driving license are eligible to drive.

Places of Entertainment
There are exciting shopping options, live musical bands, bars, cafes and Jazz clubs in Pakistan. There is an impressive line up of sporting options like Ski resorts, polo, squash, and golf for those seeking outdoor fun.

Pakistan Rupee (PKR) is the currency of Pakistan, each of which is made up of 100 Paise.100 PKR is equivalent to over 1.8 USD. Currency exchange facilities are available in banks and authorized travel agents and the daily exchange rates can be obtained from the internet or financial news.

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