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Country Philippines- The Land of Sun and Sand Holidays

Located along the Philippine Sea, is an archipelago made up of 7,107 islands, making it the custodian of the 5th longest coastline in the world. Famous for fashion, beaches, lively populace and pretty women, Philippines has always been a favorite tourist destination. An interesting melting pot of various cultures like Malay, Hindu and Islam, Philippines ensures a truly different holidaying experience.

Accommodation Options
Philippines has many first-class hotels, budget hotels, youth hostels, inns, B & B, guesthouse  and self catering accommodation options in Manila and in other cities like Davao, Cebu City, Zamboanga City and  Pasig City. Philippines is overall a safe destination though isolated instances of bombings and kidnap threats do occur in some remote parts like the Sulu Island. Manila and the other main cities are safe.

Philippines was inhabited 24,000 years ago by the pre-Mongoloid Tabon Man of Palawan. It was under the colonial rule of Portuguese and the Spanish for long before these islands were ceded by Spain to the United States for $20 million dollars, in the Treaty. It became an independent nation after many wars and challenges.

Popular Places
Beaches and beach activities take center stage in Philippines. The beaches of Santa Cruz Island are well suited for fishing, snorkeling or swimming. The warm waters of Philippines are the breeding grounds of as many as 2400 fish species including giant tuna and barracuda, which make it a game fishing spot. Set out on Trekking, mountaineering or visit the famous rice terraces of the Cordillera mountain range in northern Luzon, which are listed in the UNESCO heritage list.

Getting Around
There are many options to get around this stunning destination that range from ferries to buses and taxis and Light rail and metro rail transit. The travel guide of Philippines also
Feature Jeepneys, Banca Boats and Tricycles for those who wish to try out something truly exceptional.

Places of Entertainment
Philippines, has loads of entertainment options that make it hard for you to pick up the best. From high-tech discos to cultural festivals and ethnic dance forms like bamboo orchestra and show bands and street performers, there is every possible type of entertainment here. There are casinos, night clubs, strip clubs and adult entertainment options as well to make your travel experience truly exceptional.

Peso is the currency of Philippines, each of which is made up of 100 centavos. The bills are offered in the denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 pesos. Currency exchange is done in banks and foreign exchange counters and the latest exchange rates can be obtained from the internet or financial news.

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