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Phuket- Equatorial Paradise

Phuket is one of the most beautiful tropical cities in Thailand, with an amazing array of ‘to-dos’ for a tourist. It is a vast island destination and if you love water and greenery, you will love this paradise.

Most tourists come in and drive straight to the exotic beaches. Drive in any direction and you will find a beach. City as such is not a modern metropolis but that’s why the city center attracts another set of tourists who would rather spend their money on the rustic look of the place. Being close to the equator, the climate doesn’t change much is on the warmer side but bearable, throughout the year.

Accommodation Options
Phuket offers plenty of options for accommodation. All types of travelers, budget or rich, will get an accommodation matching their taste. You will budget hotels that cater to the budget tourists and some nice bed and breakfast hotels and hostels. Most of the hotels specialize in sea-food.

Phuket, centuries ago was known for its ivory, timber, pearls and gems. As a result, it attracted travelers from across the globe to exploit its resources. The British also set-up a base here to have more control on South Eastern Asia.

Tin mining resulted in two changes. One, it gave an economic burst and two; it attracted a lot of Chinese labor who eventually settled in Phuket. Interestingly, the whole of Phuket still has less a 100,000 inhabitants.

Popular Places
The beaches of Phuket undoubtedly are the center of attraction. The central part of the town however gives you a good experience, if you are willing to consider look at the 'not to rosy' and 'down to earth' lifestyle of the dwellers.

Some of the old roads, a part of the old town of Phuket, will make sure that you enjoy your walk. Some of them include Dibuk, Krabi and Thalang Road.

Elegant colonial mansions adorn the streets as you walk past mundane city travelers.  Some of the buildings hold tremendous historical value and some are being restored. Most travelers also take time out to visit Chinese shrines.

Getting Around
Traveling between the city and the beaches is easy with song-thaews. A public transport bus system in place and is quite cheap and will act as the perfect adventure guide for you.

Alternatively, you can hire a very interesting vehicle called as 'Tuk-Tuk'. They are small red vehicles with open backs and traveling in one is an adventure on its own. Right from finding one to agreeing the amount, each is an adventure on its own.

Places of Entertainment
If you want to see it all, the jungle, the city and the sea and not venture into them, check out the view from the hill top of Khao Rang. A few good restaurants welcome you here and the sight is spectacular.

For the otherwise conventional travelers, there are:

  • Phuket Butterfly Garden
  • Insectarium (near Tesco Lotus supermarket)
  • Phuket Orchid Garden
  • Thai Village
Baht is the currency of Thailand. 100 Satangs make 1 Baht. Here's a rough exchange rate, but it is better to check the current exchange on news or check online to get the actual value.
1 USD = 33.42 THB
1 EUR = 45.39 THB
Tourists are encouraged to keep a good amount of change as getting the change for a large denomination like 1,000 Baht can get difficult at times.

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