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Puerto Rico – A Nation of Colourful Islands

Puerto Rico is a land of scattered islands.  Though set apart by sea, Puerto Rico is a joint republic and has been drawing tourists from all over America. Because of its critical location and a colourful past, people around America and world have always been interested in Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, Puerto Rico has never disappointed anyone. Whether a traveller is historian or mere tourist seeking solace, he is given all the comfort and hospitality in the heart of Puerto Rico. The popular cities of the Puerto Rico are San Juan, Guayama, Monito, etc.

On unearthing the pages of history, Puerto Rico is found to have diversified past. Puerto Rico with a Spanish origin was initially an island with name Boriken. But with changing times, it was given its present name which in Spanish means Rich Port. San Juan was then named its capital. Indeed, it was a rich port and thus during grave wars between U.S. and Spain, Puerto Rico was always of strategic prominence. At the end, Puerto Rico came under U.S. surveillance and later it was declared as an independent commonwealth.

Popular Places and Monuments
Puerto Rico known for its diverse culture has great monuments and destinations to visit. All over the country there are islands which share a long coast line. San Juan being the capital has the major destinations which comprises of historic and archaeological demonstrations along with lakes and forests. One of the most famous is El Morro Fort. There is also a Mosquito Bay in the eastern region and it is one of the specialties of the region as the bees light up when they are disturbed which makes it a visual treat.

The past in form of architecture and tradition is bounded in the southern region. Though it is a dry land but has many beautiful monuments which give the place its due worth. All in all, Puerto Rico is absolutely surprising travel destination.

Getting Around the Country
Ships and Ferries are general availabilities when it comes to inter province transports. For internal land transport there are cabs and leased vehicles available as per the needs of tourists, the best guide is to have some small notes and change handy to pay for your travel.

Place for Entertainment
Destinations can be modern or traditional but here in Puerto Rico, life changes pretty soon as you pass through cities. From Culebra to San Juan it is a complete turn around. Where Culebra is more of a nature’s baby, San Juan has a healthy mix of contemporary life style. The city has lovely parks in form of Parque de las Palomas and Munoz Rivera Park.

Night life is also as rocking as it can get. There are a range of Casinos and Discos that are available near the Old San Juan area of San Juan along with other areas in Condado and Isla Verde. Club Liquid Santurce is one of the most rocking clubs in the city.

Accommodation Options
Accommodation is not an issue throughout the entire country. There are luxury hotels, budget hotels, bed & breakfast, motels, youth hostels, guesthouse and lodges at desirable rates even in the remotest towns.

The currency of Puerto Rico is U.S. Dollars and it is tax free zone for the people of U.S. purchasing goods from here, for the latest exchange rates check the internet and news.

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