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The Silk City of Bangladesh- Rajshahi

Popularly known as the silk city and the educational city, Rajshahi enjoys the honour of being one of the six metropolitan cities of Bangladesh. Located in the north-western region of Bangladesh, this city is located on the bank of the river Padma. A number of college hospitals, research museums and sericulture industries dot this city of Rajshahi. It is also very famous for litchi and mangoes and once had a prosperous indigo industry.

Accommodation Options
Accommodation here is quite cheap as compared to the capital city, Dhaka. You can find a number of budget hotels and guesthouses. There are not many international hotels too. You will come across many bread and breakfast inns here. Most of the accommodation options here will fit your budget.

Formerly known as Rampur Boalia, Rajshahi is the divisional headquarters of Rajshahi division. This city gained its municipal corporation in the year 1876. Records suggest that this city was into being well before Medieval Europe; it came into limelight in the year 1825 when the East India Company shifted its headquarters to then Rampur Boalia. It earned the status of city in the year 1991. 

Popular Places
Varendra research museum holds the accolades as one of the oldest museums of the subcontinent. Its library comprises of close to 30000 books and manuscripts in languages like Bengali, Sanskrit and Persian. It has a huge collection of artefacts and black stone cultures.

A Central park and zoo forms one of the major tourist attractions. It hosts a number of birds and animal species. The village of Puthia nearby is also very famous for a number of Hindu temples. The Paharpur sites are famous for Buddhist style archaeology.

Getting Around
Taxicabs are very popular here. If you have enough time in hand, you can also opt for rickshaws which are carts pulled by cycles. Getting around here is much cheaper. To know about the history and the significance of the places, you are advised to hire a professional guide.

Places of Entertainment
Puthia palace attracts many visitors here. It is known for its archaic structure. Then there is Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum (Rh.)  which is a shrine constructed around the graveyard of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum Ruposh (Rh.) who is supposed to be the first Islam preacher in this region.

The Shahid Zia Park is an amusement park famous especially amongst the kids. The Baga Mosque is also very famous and ancient mosque and has a historical importance. Its picture is depicted on the note of 50 Taka.

The official currency here is Taka. Taka is further divided into poisha. 100 poisha is equal to 1 Taka. Internet is the best source to learn about the news related to the currency’s exchange rate. 

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