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Sun, Adventure, History, Beauty – All Here in the Republic of Georgia

The Republic Of Georgia, located at the amalgamation of Eastern Europe and western Asia, is a nation beautified by beaches, monuments of historical importance, subtropical and coastal plantation and gorgeous landscapes.

During the course of history, Georgia has been under the rule of Arabs, Turks, Mongols, Russians and British. It adopted Christianity in 4th century A.D and was only the second country after Armenia to do so. The Russians ruled it for over 200 years from 1770 to 1991 with a brief period of independence between 1918 and 1921. It is also the birthplace of Joseph Stalin who unleashed great terror on it during the 1930’s. It finally gained independence on 9th April, 1991. The nation has faced numerous internal conflicts and chaos during the years after independence.

Popular Places and Attractions
Tbilisi, the charming capital of Georgia, is by far the most visited place amongst others. The Mediterranean atmosphere of the city and the surrounding hills and River Mtkvari make an ideal portrait. Its 19th century houses, cafes, castles, museums, frescoed churches and tempting tourist shops that sell local works of art and craft make Tbilisi very popular amongst tourists. One can take a bus or taxi for visiting the neighbouring town of Meskheta which houses the Sveti-Tskhoveli cathedral, Georgia’s largest worship place. A legend says that Christ’s robe has been buried underneath the cathedral.

Following the Georgian Military Highway is also popular amongst tourists. One can take this highway for exploring the caves of Uplistsikhe which have now been transformed into dwellings, dungeons and wine cellars. The most ancient Georgian theatre is also a part of this place. Kutuisi, Georgia’s second largest city also has a lot of adventurous caves, said to be having healing powers. Kutuisi is also home to many cathedrals and monasteries that have been declared as the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Some of these are the Bagrati Cathedral and the Gelati monasteries.

Getting Around
Air Georgia and Georgian Airlines are the primary airline carriers of Georgia. Public transport facilities include buses, marshrutkas or minubuses, and trains. Taxis and boats can be used for intra-city transport. The best guide to hassle free travel is to keep some small notes and coins handy to pay for your transportation.

Places for Entertainment
Georgian nightlife usually resides in its international hotels, beaches and few cities such as Tbilisi, Butumi and Kutuisi. Georgian restaurants and bars are well known for their cuisines and wines. In fact, Georgian wine is regarded as one of the best wines of Europe.

A unique place for entertainment can be found in Tbilisi in the form of Bath Street. Visitors can soak in the hot baths offered by establishments on this street with most of them being in subterranean and dark areas.    

Jazz clubs, cinemas, discos and pubs are the common places to chill out in Georgia’s major cities. Beaches in the town of Butumi are well-known for offering these entertainments. For those interested in music, art and craft, there are numerous state run theatres for dance, artwork and other forms of entertainment.

Tourists can opt for staying in the resorts of luxurious hotels of Georgia if they desire to experience Georgian hospitality. Youth hostels and private family guesthouse are options for budget tourists. Georgian people are known for their warm hospitality. You can also stay in bed & breakfast, motels, inns, and budget hotels.

The Republic of Georgia has adopted Lari (GEL) as its official currency. The exchange rate with the dollar is somewhere around 1.81 as of now. It is suggested that visitors get their currencies exchanged from state run banks during their Georgian holiday, you can also check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates.

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