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Country Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda is situated in the Great Lakes region surrounded by Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and Democratic Republic of the Congo. It has a scenic terrain with grassy lands, peaking hills, volcanoes and one of the best resorts beside Lake Kiwu. The native place of Mountain Gorilla, Rwanda; is home to many exotic wildlife species, floral species and bird species. Rwanda is also popularly known as the Land of a Thousand Hills.

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Excavations show that inhabitation took place in Rwanda during Neolithic Age in 3000 BC. These dwellers were Twa (a group of Pygmy tribe), joined by Hutus (the Bantu farmers from western region), who were overthrown later by the Tutsi people. In 1884-85, Rwanda became a German colony, later on ruled by the Belgians. The drought in 1928-29 and famine in 1943 resulted in a massive immigration of Tutsis to Congo. The Tutsis attacked Rwanda from the nearby countries in 1961-62 demanding an Independent Rwanda. The country gained freedom in 1962.

Popular Places
The Memorial Centre in Kigali (the capital and port city of Rwanda) is worth watching.  Cyangugu is quite popular among the tourists since it is near Nyungwe Forest, where one can easily spot the chimpanzees and other primate species. Kibuye is a tourist attraction due to its beach resorts and Ndaba Falls. Nyanza has Rwesero Art Museum whereas Ruhengeri near Lake Bulera is known for Volcanoes National Park. The tea plantations of Gasarenda are also worth watching.

A series of seven volcanoes - Parc National des Volcans, and Virungas are ideal places to observe mountain gorillas closely. Nyungwe Forest and Akagera National Park are other important tourist destinations for animal lovers. The bird lovers can explore the Rwandan jungles for around 670 different kinds of bird species. Nyungwe is also famous for the wildflowers and 100 plus orchid species found in the forest alone.

Getting Around
The Kigali International Airport in the capital city Kigali is well connected to other towns through regular and frequent flights. The other common modes of transport are shared taxis and buses easily available even in villages.
Places of Entertainment
The traditional music of Rwanda represents the African folk music in true sense. Dance lovers can join the dance groups (Amatorero) teaching the traditional dance and music of Rwanda. Ikinimba is the most popular traditional music of Rwanda which can be heard anywhere. It narrates the stories of Rwandan emperors and heroes using musical instruments like Iningiri, Inanga, Ikembe, Umuduri and Ingoma.

Language(s) Spoken
There are three official languages, one of them being Kinyarwanda. Swahili is the most widely spoken language among Rwandans. The well educated Rwandans use English and French for communication.

Rwandan franc (RWF) is the official currency of Rwanda. Currency exchange services are provided by the hotels and banks of the country. The travelers can get the currency exchange updates from the online news or news paper.

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