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San Marino – Old Amazing Hilly Place

One of the smallest countries of the world and the oldest republic existing, San Marino is in the heart of Apennine mountains offering spectacular views.

San Marino is named after its founder Saint Marinus. The country has the oldest constitution dating back to 1600. It was independent most through the history and remained neutral in both the world wars.

Popular Places:
San Marino city is the capital and boasts of the country’s highest mountain, Monte Titano. The landmark three towers on the three peaks of Monte Titano are the biggest attraction having a rich heritage.

The first tower- Guaita is the largest and oldest built in the 11th century as a fortress. The exhibits on this tower give an insight into the past of San Marino.  The second tower – Cesta is on the highest point of Monte Titano not only offers amazing views but also retraces visitors to medieval times. The third tower- Montale dates back to the 14th century and tourists are not allowed here. Monte Titano at 740 meters above, itself is an amazing place offering magnificent views of Adriatic Sea. It was recently included in the UNESCO’s world heritage list. Piazza della Liberta is the bustling liberty square which boasts of the statue of liberty and Palazzo Pubblic – the government building. Basilica Del Santo, temple standing from the 4th century, is an amazing piece of architecture. A cable car ride to the nearby business hub, Borgo Magorrie can be cherished.

Getting Around:
The nearest international airport is in the city of Rimini, Italy and heliport in Borgo Magorrie is another mode to reach the country. Buses ply between Rimini and San Marino regularly while taxis and aerial tramway aid in getting around, another tip to guide you is to get a map.

Places of Entertainment:
Stroll on Monte Titano across the walls offers some spectacular views and one comes across many vantage points. San Marino is shoppers’ haven as it offers various souvenirs and other regular items all without tax.

San Marino is mostly visited by day trippers; however, there are many budget hotels, guesthouse, bed and breakfast, motels, youth hostel and motels for an extended stay.

Though San Marino is not an EU member, it uses Euro as its currency. One can contact banks, authorized travel agencies and hotels for exchanging foreign currency, check the news and internet for the best exchange rates.

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